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    scrolling in sdl

    One idea that springs to mind is to create a huge image (much, much larger than the screen) of all the items that are not part of the moving item. This is done once at the start of the program (or as an image through some art package). Then blit to the screen only the area you want, and place your 'moving' item at the same spot on the screen everytime. This assumes you don't need to place any objects in front of the moving item. HTH.
  2. BigBoy

    SDL Loop

    What are you on about, PnP Bios?
  3. BigBoy

    SDL Loop

    PinguinDude, I played around with a 2 player networked game earlier this year. It has a thread that listens for messages, and then acts on them. [Sorry, source code has been removed. Needed the space] The executable is not ready for networking, but the code can be compiled and I think it should work. You'll need to set the address of the opponent PC in the makeNetworkConnection function of links.cpp. The place has been commented so it won't compile without you changing it. Note however, that there is a bug when playing networked whereby after a while the messages read are incorrect and the counters are placed in the wrong position on the screen. I think the message queue is overwriting some position variables, but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Hopefully is readable enough for you to work out how to get your game working. The game was written using Dev-C++, and has the .dev project file. It is expecting the files to be under c:\Development\links. Hope this is of some use to you. To anyone else reading this, the source contains sprites, fonts and a particle system. All fairly basic, but if you want to use it go ahead. I don't guarantee the routines/classes, but I've used them in a couple of games already and haven't had any probs as yet. [Edited by - BigBoy on December 18, 2004 2:01:10 AM]
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