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  1. Losec

    lacking motivation?

    Looking good Mr. Motivator ...
  2. Losec

    Games that are still awesome today

    Doom 2 Duke Nukem 3D Monkey Island series Streets of Rage Sonic Thief ... and many more :D
  3. Losec

    Laptop suggestions

    Quote:Original post by Asheh Fujitsu Amilo's the 64bit athlon range, the best laptop evar. its about £950, wireless 802.11g, AMD athlon 3.02ghz 64bit, radeon mobility 9700, widescreen, 6xUSB, infrared.. inbuilt memory card reader....:) I have the same as Asheh, except mine is the next model up. Mine has an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ and 1GB DDR333 RAM. It set me back about £1150. I believe you can get the 3700+ model for about £1100 now (from Great Laptop.
  4. Losec

    I got into TEESIDE :D

    I hope to be going there with Ash too. Currently waiting for my form to be processed :D
  5. Losec

    List yer Loot!

    I got: - Driving Lessons - 3D Game Engine Programming book - DVDs - Peter Kay Live, Phonebooth - lots of money and vouchers - lots of chocolate and sweets - Student cookbook (Will come in handy for uni :D) and other random things..
  6. Losec

    If I could make any game....

    I would make a fun adventure/action game kind of like Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. I wouldnt mind having a go at creating a point-and-click game like Monkey Island or Blade Runner :)
  7. Losec

    What languages do you speak?

    Only English here, I forgot all my french as soon as I walked out my school doors
  8. Losec

    Two MMOG Open Betas soon!

    Been playing Guild wars the whole weekend. The tournament is quite cool, where several teams compete against each other for fame; if you get alot of fame points NPCs start talking about you. I'll probably get this game, if they decide to stick to just having a one-time fee.
  9. Pantera - Cemetery Gates
  10. Sounds and music can add alot to the atmosphere. Thief 3's mission, The cradle, does this nicely. For anyone who hasnt played it, the mission takes place in an old orphanage later converted into an insane assylum which is quite scary in itself. The sound effects are awesome(Crying children, banging, etc) which creates tension and the player creeping and every corridor and when looking around each corner. Anyone who enjoys scary games, I recommend Thief 3 just for this level.
  11. Losec

    Who's up late?

    The films called 'Horror Express', on BBC1. Its actually pretty lame. Then again I could be watching Poker on Chan 5 where the commentators are getting alittle too excited.
  12. Losec

    Who's up late?

    Watching a film called 'Horror Express' atm. About some frozen ape that defrosts on a train and kills everyone.
  13. Losec

    Who's up late?

    It's 1:16AM here, I'll probably stay up and watch some of the dodgy late night films :D
  14. Losec

    Hello, World!

    Welcome to Gamedev! :D
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