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  1. 8 bit wise I'd go for 6502, because it is so simple. There's also modern versions like W65C816S. For more modern go for ARM, and Raspi is a really convenient way to get that. The original ARM designs were inspired by the simplicity of the 6502. Some Z-80 might be a good place to start if your final intention is to learn x86 as they are somewhat historically related architectures. No harm in learning some X86 either. 
  2. PurpleAmethyst

    A C64 Game - Final Step

    LDA #01 STA $0400 LDA #23 STA $0401 LDA #05 STA $0402 LDA #19 STA $0403 LDA #15 STA $0404 LDA #13 STA $0405 LDA #05 STA $0406 RTS  
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