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  1. _nomad_

    UK "airline terror plot foiled"

    why is Islam in this topic? isn't the culprit British? wow...just...wow...amazing Fox news channel...
  2. _nomad_

    Album Art + Music for DAVID SUZUKI MUST DIE

    Quote:Original post by smart_idiot Why must he die? he's the next chuck norris
  3. _nomad_

    = GameDev Introductions Are In Order =

    Quote:Original post by owl if you hadn't said you're a father...i'd be 100% sure you were g-a-y judging from that picture...
  4. Quote:Original post by Will F There is no real need for me in these forums, but I tend to take criticism more seriously from people who don't have a rating of 0. [wink] you base your decisions on ratings? you realize you join a topic in the lounge (political/religion) thread and your rating shoots down? lolz...
  5. in the same way nehe still has a forum (though opengl questions can be answered in opengl section), then cone3d will stay. the correct question should be: is there any _real_ need for _you_ in this forum?
  6. _nomad_

    Buglist Haiku

    nerds doing poetry...lolz...
  7. _nomad_

    ID3 tags

    Quote:Original post by Spintwo Do ID3 tags take up space on an mp3 file? Like.. say two exact same songs but one with album artwork and one without? duh
  8. _nomad_

    Which CA uni is more prestigious? UCI or Cal Poly.

    what is your definition of prestigious? don't go to wikipedia nerds, let him answer on his own. whatever that answer may be, that's where he should go.
  9. _nomad_

    AOL releases customer online search queries

    Quote:Original post by gumpy macdrunken cat user* | grep 5001931 nerd.
  10. _nomad_

    Views of Stargate SG1s new direction

    (observes SG1 nerds talk...)
  11. _nomad_

    Films: your favorite rarities

    who has watched "The Rare" movie? lolz...
  12. _nomad_

    Windows Vista - impressions

    post screenshots on your PC
  13. _nomad_

    ...and a dash of failure

    and you obviously rated him down because his version of funny is != to yours. grow up mr. "my e-penis is gamedev.net's ratings"... lolz
  14. _nomad_


    Quote:Original post by Frank Henry ...your favorite thingie sucks. omg i can't believe you said their "thingie sucks"...omg omg omg...watch your ratings fall now by these people whose ratings are their e-penis... lolz :D
  15. _nomad_

    A look at the US Education System

    Quote:Original post by Thygrrr US Education ... putting the moron in oxymoron. you just called all americans that went under US educations -- MORONS lolz way to go lolz...
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