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  1. I have open a new Multi-player online game site. I have a huge list of games and ton of community features. take time to vote and review your favorite MMO game! Click HERE to go to www.MPOGL.com
  2. Draconus

    The Best Free MMORPG and MMO List

    Quote:Original post by Mushu Looks a lot like OnRPG except with a lot less content. i have looked at ONRPG's list... and it is small in comparison :)
  3. Here is a HUGE list of Free MMORPG and MMO games. There is a lot of fun stuff here, ENJOY! list can be found here http://www.mpogl.com/ [Edited by - Draconus on May 13, 2006 4:58:53 PM]
  4. Draconus

    Newest Build of Control Monger (Free FPS)

    Quote:Original post by xor Impressive game. [smile] There is an ugly little bug though, with the decals on the edges of the walls. what is the bug?
  5. Draconus

    Newest Build of Control Monger (Free FPS)

    ADDED SNIPER BOT TODAY!! :) and new city level come by and tell us what you think
  6. the newest build of control monger was uploaded today and you can get it here http://www.controlmonger.com/files/cm_install_0-35.exe for more info goto the offical site www.controlmonger.com patch news can be found here http://forum.freeworldonline.com/viewtopic.php?t=5864 100% Free FPS (First Person Shooter) [Edited by - Draconus on July 14, 2005 7:08:10 PM]
  7. Draconus

    Control Monger Alpha 1 download

    thanks for the imput :)
  8. Draconus

    Control Monger Alpha 1 download

    changed download link
  9. Draconus

    Control Monger Alpha 1 download

    anyone find any bugs yet?
  10. Control Monger Alpha 1.0 released Website here: http://www.controlmonger.com Get the demo here: http://www.controlmonger.com/files/cm_install_0.exe If you find any bugs plz post them here.... we do not have any official servers up, so if you want to play with friends you will have to open one... to test the game by yourself just host a game and you will be able to run around the levels. Some (but not all) the controls: a,s,d,w = movement q,e= 90 degree on side Tab= boost jet Space= jump jet 1-0= weapon/grenade fast slots Left shift= change weapons Left control= change grenade f1-f3= score boards ~ = Console I= turn engines on/off (you will need this if you get hit by an emp grenade) [Edited by - Draconus on May 12, 2005 12:12:30 AM]
  11. this is a real nice forum for basic coders... also has other languages RGT forums
  12. can we get a forum for basic languages like dark basic/blitz basic and so on? plz
  13. Draconus

    HELLO from the BLitzCoder Users

    no BLitzCoder is dieing and is turning into a money makeing machine for CodersWorkshop
  14. the website www.blitzcoder.com has desided to close its doors. So some of us maybe moving over to this forum :) this is a thread for some of the users to say hello :) first off ME im Clyde Bielss the CEO of mindSurge Entertainment current games http://www.controlmonger.com http://www.freeworldonline.com i hope the rest come and say hello as well :)
  15. its that time again folks. Freeworld is opening up to except more testers for our up coming MMORPG! for more info on the game and the test go to the FreeWorld Website,
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