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    Spaceship controls -> autopilot

    So you're trying to emulate the same flight characteristics on Autopilot as when you are flying manually? Can you post the code for manual flight? I've got an idea.
  2. Wcoltd

    Spaceship controls -> autopilot

    Did you try pooling objects that interact with the ship collider at thrust points, the rate of SetActive of the thruster particles, bounce off the collider and cause the ship to move in the opposite direction. I have not tried this solution it may be terribly inefficient and lack stability or control. It may allow for more realistic thrust.
  3. Wcoltd


    Starfly is in early alpha. This is Starfly 0.35f. It's a space combat game with a gripping story. The game mechanics are much like Freelancer (2003) developed by Microsoft Studios, this has a terrific story. I've made some improvements and alterations. The game is scheduled to be released on July 19th, 2020. Frazier-Wing website
  4. Wcoltd

    Dev Blog #07 – Steaming ahead to Alpha

    Cool! I hope it does well. It certainly looks polished.
  5. Wcoltd

    Dev Blog #07 – Steaming ahead to Alpha

    How much is it going to cost? Are you going to have it on Steam?
  6. Wcoltd

    Dev Blog #07 – Steaming ahead to Alpha

    This is really impressive. The game looks fluid and fun to play.
  7. Wcoltd


    The first game by Lucas Frazier-Wing www.FrazierWing.com STARFLY Starfly Prologue - Children of Heritage: It was more than a demonic cancer, it was the burden of watching her family lose everything in the fight to save her. When her cancer was upgraded to stage four, her parents took out a second mortgage on their home. When she came out of remission her parents took her brother Eli out of private school. They sold their cars, their furniture, their home, and after her extended family turned their backs and told Hank Dawes to "accept fate" he took out a last line of credit and contacted a man named Dr. Jack Baylor. It was an experimental procedure called "Electrostasis" designed to preserve the patient for long enough until some cure for their disease is found. Jack Baylor regarded the procedure as a success, but some thirty five years later, the first patients had a cure to their ailments and they were reanimated. The reanimated patients fell to the ground. Lifeless. Baylor Medical was sued under fraud allegations and soon after declared bankruptcy. Jack Baylor kept the pods however, on the insistence that the people inside were still alive. After Dr. Jack Baylor passed away, the electrostasis pods were turned over to a museum. "The Heritage Museum". Time passed, a new technological development emerged "The cybernetic brain" people no long had to sleep, dramatically increased conscious memory capacity, motor function, learning. Before a decade after the first cybernetic brain, the entire human populace had upgraded their brains to be cybernetic. One day a solar flare erupts, sending an electromagnetic Pulse throughout the solar system. Every cybernetic human is killed, while at the same time, the patients in the electrostasis pods become reanimated. Most die, but a few, including Jennifer Dawes survives. They patients awake inside a museum to find the entire human race has been eradicated, and now it is up to them to repopulate the planet before they die of their diseases. The Children of Heritage succeed in making a dozen new offspring, but all die to their terminal illnesses before the eldest child's fifth birthday. The introduction to the game starts off in a museum in the future. The Heritage museum, rebirth place of the Children of Heritage. After Heritage 1197, cold war looms between the Solar Defense Union and the Orion. The Orion had been cast out due to their non-inclusive policies. The Orion prides itself on intellect, eugenics, and subordination to their leader. The Solar Defense Union is a free society, they value trade, rebellious spirit, enterprise and grit. You start off as a fourteen year old pilot who resides at Star Nest colony in the Liberty Quadrant. He has just come of age to be a star pilot. He begins his adventure by doing light escort missions for S.D.U. Caris Sector patrols escorting an old Generation II beam ship to the Caris scrap yard. There is a cold war between the Solar Defense Union and the Orion.
  8. Wcoltd


    Album for Starfly
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