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  1. TEXT/NTEXT is getting obsolete. Use VARCHAR(MAX)/NVARCHAR(MAX) instead.
  2. Can't tell if it's the root of your problem, but nesting forms is not allowed in html.
  3. Did you try this? The first hit (codeproject) seems like what you need.
  4. I'm sure there is a "CellTextChanged" or similar event that you can catch. Check if the value begins with a "=", then you parse the expression and calculate the result. There is no "WorkLikeExcel" property though :).
  5. You're doing something really strange with sizeof. Try decimal.Parse() and/or decimal.TryParse.
  6. Magos

    [web] BBCode in PHP

    Quote:Original post by krez but BBCode is always translated into HTML anyway BBCode is translated on the server (safe(r)), while WYSIWYGS translate on the client (unsafe).
  7. Why don't you try just "Resources.Icon1" instead of converting it to a string?
  8. Magos

    [web] BBCode in PHP

    But WYSIWYG's produces html-code, which could be abused if you're not careful. You'd have to implement a server-side verification of the generated html, which would be a lot tougher than verifying the simpler BBCode.
  9. Magos

    [.net] Wildcard searching

    Check if there's a match, and if it is get the value using a group: var s = "My Game [Date: 2003]"; var p = "\\[Date: (?<Year>.*?)\\]"; var m = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(s, p); if(m.Success) MessageBox(m.Groups["Year"].Value);
  10. System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(MyInputString, "abc");
  11. Use var MyData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("MyFile.dat"); To read all (binary) data in that file into MyData, which is a byte[].
  12. 1) Create an event that reacts to the checkbox selected event 2) Enumerate all your checkboxes and retrieve their checked property 3) Place their names in a string[] array 4) Use string.Join to build a comma-separated string 5) Save the string to the database
  13. The problem is that a webpage is basically stateless. Once you reload/postback the state is cleared. The asp.net viewstate is one solution to this, however controls that you dynamically add does not save/restore the viewstate automatically. You have to do this yourself, and in my experience it's not entirely trivial. My suggestion is to look into the DataList control (alternatively DataGrid/GridView/Repeater) as you can design a template used for each row which is automatically saved into the viewstate. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.ui.webcontrols.datalist.aspx
  14. I'm sure he means if the Stack is a property of the object he's trying to edit through the property grid. I don't have an answer though, and unable to test ATM.
  15. Magos

    [.net] LINQ

    You can use the Log-property on the datacontext to retrieve the generated sql, however this requires the query to be run. Out of my head (untested code): MyDataContext.Log = new System.IO.StringBuilder(); var Result = from X in MyDataContext.Y where Z select W; //Do something with Result var SqlString = MyDataContext.Log.ToString();
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