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  1. Whirlwind

    Game Design Guide for Beginners?

    What would be real cool is a word document with a generic outline of what needs to be where - sort of a fill in the blanks deal or a starter outline. Outlines rock. You just add, delete, or rename outline sections as they apply. Sluggo Example I. Introduction A. Who 1) Good Guys 2) Bad Guys 3) Neutral Guys B. What C. When D. Where E. Why II. Look and Feel A. Clothing style B. Building style C. Species style D. Combat style E. Camera style
  2. Fundamentally speaking, I don't care for classes at all - who wants to be "stuck" in a class that you can't solo in later because the class is so wussy alone that they will die within 3-4 attacks due to specialization? Morrowind does a decent job at a semi-classless RPG. With enough time, you can do anything with your character but it still limits you. Classes are more realistic, mind you as hair stylist designing and flying super sonic jets isn't too realistic at all, however - if you start as a hair stylist there shouldn't be any problems with you learning about flying and getting skills as an engineer if you want to do that later. The biggest downfall to the class/level system is realism. How realistic is it for someone to chop all day with an AXE and up their sword skills when they "level up". Hence why I agree with the skills base concept - if you axe you get skills in axe, if you bow you get skills in bow, and if you fire magic you get skills in fire magic. I don't agree with the "degragation" of skills. As with most games, time in game and time in real world rarely are syncronised. If I play 4 two hours sessions and axe in the first two hours while it takes 3 hours for a skill to atrophy I won't be hurt like a fellow who plays the 8 hours back to back. You would encourage people to attack with a sword every 40-50 monsters to keep atrophy at bay and not much else. Atrophy defeats the urge for a wizard to go back and pick up sword play. The atrophy is built in so why add atrophy to unused skills. The wizard, while learning to skewer chipmunks isn't using his magic so his magic skills are not going up, just his sword use. Essentially time spent elsewhere degrades his time in games application towards ubering his wizardry skills. Hence implied apothy. As for Gacking, either honor can be added (how honerable is it to kill a non-attacker who is at such a lower level?) or some similar device. A dishonored hero will be berated by villagers, skipped over for trade promotions, or neglected from organizations of dissimilar honor. "No kingly appointments to positions for you, worm." Unfortunately, the world of Warcraft (ironically) prevents the signature of honor. If you are a good guy you are supposed to fight evil, if you are a bad guy you are supposed to fight good. You are either totally honorable or totally dishonerable towards either good or evil. The best bet is to track "gacking" stats and flag repeated gackers via their name tags. Such flagged folks are "free kills" and don't detriment a player who kills them in any way.
  3. Iron Pheonix or however you spell it. Regarding UC2, it isn't a good example as who wants to do the same 2 attack animations all the time plus the game wavers too far from the path of UC. UC2 is a "you've got your chocolate in my peanut butter. Hey wait that isn't chocolate, it is carobi!" type game - a untasty immitation of something that could have been better. Back on track... for an oldie, check out Rune on the PC. It had (has?) quite a dedicated MP hack and slash quality to it. Using unreal script, RPG elements are just a design and coding session or hundred away.
  4. Whirlwind

    MMORPG jobs and economy

    As with most skills based RPGs wouldn't the economy be flooded with firewood, clubs, and animal pelts because that is all the new tradesmen could make? You would have to almost add merchant to the list in order to move excess goods to towns that have a large demand to prevent players from only earning a penny an hour of game play.
  5. Whirlwind

    VC++ .Net 2003 vs 2005

    For those of us who don't have a broad band connection, there is an option to buy the whole beta on DVD for $10 S&H. I started looking at the disk last night and there is an option to go get the latest updates in the installer. I wonder how long that will take? Anyways, the new interface looks slick and allows us VC++ 6 folks the chance to keep the interface familiar. I havent tried importing 6.0 workspaces yet as I am slightly phobic about not being able to use them in the event Express beta leaves the station (so to speak). VS 2k5 Express probably will go official in 2-3 months, depending on the number of bugs found.
  6. From what I've heard, the initiative is being put to the test with the next Xbox. Don't be suprised if by this time next year the initiative is in full swing as a Sun-like application suite where you buy your XNA development suite at varying levels - XNA Express (Enthusiast?) would include VC++ 2k5 Express and the latest SDK suite in a single bundle, XNA Enthusiast would include VS 2k5 Express and the latest XNA SDK suite, XNA Pro would bring to the table VC++ 2k5 pro, maybe VC# pro, and so on.. Just a hunch, though. What better way to lure the indie to make XBox capable games than to make development near perfectly portable?
  7. Whirlwind

    Error when including DSOUND

    Thanks for the clarification. Your answer makes perfect sense as DX9 and MS are making efforts on a 64-bit OS hence the new larger data types. Oddly enough the platform SDK appears to be an independent compiler, linker, and set of MS/Intel headers and library - add UI and you have a compiler. I think I've honestly spent more time downloading SDKs from MS than I have working on the code. No wonder why coders burn out so fast - they spend so much time downloading things to fix other things. I'll soon have 1GB of hard drive space to create a simpe tic-tak-toe game.
  8. Whirlwind

    Error when including DSOUND

    Yeppers. By platform I am assuming you mean the directory path to the DirectX SDK includes. After reviewing the suggestions above, I realized my error was not "exactly" like above, it was more along the lines of DWORD_PTR and LONG_PTR were not being defined anywhere. Using Summer 2004 and/or October 2004 SDKs did not fix the issue. Doing the above really didn't fix the problems I was having. I wasn't getting the "error C2501: 'DWORD_PTR' : missing storage-class or type specifiers" part of the error messages, but the rest of the messages I was getting. ended up installing the DirectX 8.0 SDK and placing it at the top of the include order (no pathing to the libraries, though). That ended up "fixing" the errors (DWORD_PTR and LONG_PTR were both acting undefined). Not the most pretty solution to the issue as DirectX should work "out of the box".
  9. Whirlwind

    Error when including DSOUND

    This should go in the DirectX FAQ. I was having the exact same problem (but with a bought engine). Honestly, MS should have included the "required" header includes in the dsound.h file to prevent such things from happening...
  10. Whirlwind

    Terrain Generating With Mountains

    Why not use both and do a two pass to generate the height map.
  11. Whirlwind


    Are you sure the windef.h file is being accessed before some other definition of the terms?
  12. Whirlwind

    Utter coolness (my interpreter)

    I found the name of the book: "C/C++ Annotated Archives" Although the reviews vary, I don't see why the code wouldn't be a good place to start/review... Please excuse the lack of a real link. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0078825040/qid=1108044207/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-5009308-7389404?v=glance&s=books
  13. Whirlwind

    Speaking of cut-scenes

    The in-game cut scene ala Half-Life is a cool FPS approach to the problem. I can't complain about how the "scene" played out. RPGs could take the hint from the "integrated" approach as if one is playing a role in a RPG, shouldn't the player be allowed to conduct the role?
  14. Whirlwind

    Utter coolness (my interpreter)

    I found this really cool book that has all kinds of C++ algorithms including a simple C like interpeter. For the life of me I can't recall the exact title. I just know the book is about 4-5 years old, has about 1000+ pages (mostly due to code and code explanations), and has an orange-red cover. Maybe later I will find the book and the title for you... I think the title was "Applied C++ Algorithms and Data Structures" but I am not too sure.
  15. Whirlwind

    Game engines

    UT2k4 - free for non-commercial use Maya 5.0 w/UT plugin, free UT IDE UDE, and large community base for support. $40 for the whole shebang. Good to get started with. To go commercial look at Milkshape for $40(or was it $20????) which exports to UT. For source included, free, try Allegra, etc.
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