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  1. mictian

    elements in an outdoor fps

    players deciding where to spanw is a great idea, mainly because that adds to the intelligence that my agents can display, cheers
  2. mictian

    elements in an outdoor fps

    i am debating whether to use preset spawn points, or spawn in random locations etc. @bill, my lower level of clouds animate in realtime (based on the GPG5 article, which is clearly although unadmittedly ripped off from Yann's strategy from 2001). @dawidj, once ii have made navigation meshes i will try dijkstra's algo if A* isnt fast enough, but iirc dijkstra uses a relaxation step which operated on every edge in the graph, whereas with a good heuristic a* will only have to consider relevant edges in finding the optimal path. you are right that i could pre-compute static routes, but this is mainly an AI project, so I would rather have more flexibility. @vilo: alpha blend requires a sorting pass, which i wanted to avoid. alpha to coverage with suitable textures can give the same type of feathering that alpha blend will do, however you will notice quantization artifacts at very close ranges. edit: said dag when i meant graph...
  3. mictian

    elements in an outdoor fps

    thanks for all the responses. the grass rendering is very simple, it is described in a gpu gems 1 chapter. basically boils down to having 3 intersecting quads for a little tuft of grass (i think one partly-bollboarded quad might be able to save a lot of vram). the thing is just rendered brute force right now with alpha to coverage. I dont want to do a fade-in-out type ffect at a range because that is "visually distracting." will post more later, i have to finish debugging a memory allocater
  4. I am pretty much done with hte backend to a little game I am writing for an AI project. A screenshot of the current state is at here I plan to throw a few more elements on the terrain, namely: health boxes ammo boxes trees / cover etc teleporter (?) then build navigation meshes, with vertices positioned at useful terrain cells, such as where ammo crates are. then im planning to use a* style pathfinding to let bots find the optimal paths to health, ammo, cover etc as needed. also the edge costs (weights)in the navigation graph will be modiefied, so as to lower the cost of a path that is mainly in cover, and raise the cost of a path that is out in the open completely. does this sound like an ok plan? should i add more things to the terrain ? is there a nasty little hoverbike model or some small vehicle anyware for free .
  5. mictian

    How Many Do I Need To Fill An Arc?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellipse#Circumference If I understood your project correctly then this should be acceptable, since that projection of your lid looks like half an elllipse
  6. Hi, I'm reading the GPL-ed quake 3 source code in order to figure out how the tags work (tags are essentially linear transforms from coordinate space of parent mesh, and that of the child - for hierarchial transforms). in order to calculate such a transform for some fractional time between keyframes, you need to somehow interpolate between these transforms. I was under the impression that the right thing to do is convert rot. mxe's to quaternions, slerp these with the fractional frame value, convert that back out to a rotation matrix, then just do a component-wise lerp for the displacement vectors. JC seems to just do component-wise lerps on bot the vector and the rotation matrix (after which he renormalizes the basis vectors in the matrix). Is there some proof that this is a good thing to do, I'm just wondering because if so then I will just not implement quaternions at all. thanks all, Rob edit, in case you wondered, the source file this function is in is called tr_model.c, the function is called R_LerpTag
  7. mictian

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    hey mushu, I made that texture in photoshop. with photoshop cs2 (presumably other versions) there is a brush style that looks like a small bunch of grass (the brush is called something like desert grass or something). I will post or send the texture to you after I add a legit alpha channel (I was too lazy when I made this thing, and hacked an alpha channel in a shader as the max of the r,g,b values...) edit: (the original alpha-free image for anyone interested...)
  8. mictian

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    not really..i am making this for my own amusement, rather than to enter.. [Edited by - mictian on October 25, 2005 11:32:44 PM]
  9. If your camera is naive to the underlying surface of the terrain, then this would be hard to do. It would be pretty trivial to just base the camera position over some _interpolated_ terrain height though.
  10. in all sample code etc, Perlin makes the noise repeat after 256 units in each direction. In order to make the noise repeat after a smaller domain eg. [0,64] would i have to remake the hash table (to only have 64 elements) or is just modding the position by 64 enough?? edit: :)
  11. mictian

    HDR faking in ogl

    so render to target then downsample and not copy from backbuffer with some implicit downsampling?
  12. Hi, regarding an opengl implementation of what is generally considered "fake" HDR (in which 8 bit render targets get downsampled + gaussian blurred + filtered back up then blended with the back buffer). All the papers I can find say to render scene once to back buffer, copy to a smaller render target (what opengl call - if any - will do this?) then apply the usual process. If there is no opengl equivalent to the dx strechrect() then I will use a full size render target and compisite that with the results of gaussian filtering a downsampled version.
  13. mictian

    Mesh instancing with OpenGL?

    It's in core now check the gl2 spec section 2.9. The appendix says it was promoted in 1.5. I guess I never noticed until I started using the glew headers.
  14. download gl2.0 spec from www.opengl.org if you already understand some version of gl < 2.0, then making the switch is not only painless, but makes your code nicer because several useful extensions were promoted to core.
  15. mictian

    Mesh instancing with OpenGL?

    Hey man its 2005, drop the ARB already!!!
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