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  1. #include <iostream> not: #include <iostream.h>
  2. I suggest that you file a bug-report if you have found a bug.
  3. Caminman

    Timing Question

    I cannot understand your code much. For example, why does float TIMER::GetElapsedSeconds(unsigned long elapsedFrames); take 'elapsedFrames' as parameter if it's not being used? currentTime seems to be used without being initialized. And as said, I have no idea how it is supposed to work, but how timing is commonly done is either: * halt your loop by only continuing after atleast x milliseconds has passed (bad) * Use velocities for your objects and just update their positions each loop with dTime * velocity (wiser).
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't a draw() method of an object/model usually draw itself in it's current position (that is, one frame), rather than do animation? EDIT: The title isn't very helpful.
  5. Caminman

    What is needed to code a MMORPG bot?

    The suggestion is to forget about it. The reasons in short are: * It smells too much like cheating of some sort, that it shouldn't be supported in a/any game community. So I don't expect you to get much help. * If you had known atleast slightly enough about what you should know to accomplish this, you would have mentioned the name of the game and/or whether it is open-source. And if you would know that much about the subject and what it means, you would have known "where to start" yourself. :) Anyway, if you still are interested, you should probably tell people what game it is if you would like to hear a description how such a thing would be done - IF those people find it ethically sound to do so.
  6. Caminman

    about ZUMA like game.

    I was actually thinking the same way as Naku (splines) earlier today, but I had no time posting. However, (not that I have played the game much) I think you could probably need multiple lists in the game, as the chain of balls can sometimes be "broken" so that there will be a chain of balls that remain still until the moving chain of balls "catches up" and starts pushing them again. This I believe would also make it easier (and more efficient) with the collision detection, as you only need to check whether the last item of one list collides with the first item of the "following list" (a static chain of balls). And when a collision occurs, you just link that list to the end of your main (moving) list of balls. So, in short: Collision detection occurs only if there happens to be multiple lists at that time. And if the last item of the chain of moving balls collides with a static chain of balls, the static chain is linked to the end of the moving chain. If you have trouble understanding what I mean, just say so what you do not understand and I'll try to explain better. :)
  7. Caminman

    How do I work Dragon Unpacker 5?

    I'm not too sure whether this is the right place to ask about how to hack propietary software. For what purpose would you need to access the resources? Especially thinking when you don't even know what you want to do next?
  8. Caminman

    FPS limiting

    Quote:Original post by stenny Ah thanks. Nice idea. Well I was thinking of some sort of infinite loop in the timeupdate function, that'd be cut off if the maxFPS is reached. But for some strange reason it won't work (can't find the right formula) UpdateTime() is called outside the draw function. -Stenny What exactly would be the point of hogging up the CPU like that?
  9. Caminman

    space wars

    Knowing how to create Pong, how would you implement Brickout/Arkanoid? If you know how to do Brickout, you would know what kind of possible differences you might have in the strategy of organizing objects compared to "Space wars", and if you know that, you could most likely implement your "Space wars" with little (to none) help. I find your "where to begin?"-question a bit odd as it's usually asked by those who have done nothing programming-wise before, having no clue about how things are done. I think people have expected you to tell how you solved the main problems while creating Pong, and why these solutions might not apply to "Space Wars", and then hopefully even tell your own ideas and ask for comments. That's probably why people haven't answered. ps. I have no idea what "Space Wars" is - could be (yet) another reason why people can't help you. :)
  10. Caminman

    Incorporating a Save Spot

    Obviously by saving the state of each game-specific object to a file, and then restoring them from the same exact file upon the loading of a game?
  11. Caminman

    [Update] File I/O Help Please.

    Please format the code, it's very annoying to read otherwise. You open the file many times, but you never close it.
  12. The obvious link that I can see between games for the web and "mobile devices" is that the language is pretty much fixed to Java for these purposes. You can, for example, run Java-applets in web-browsers, as well as run applications on most modern "mobile devices" (such as mobile phones, PDAs etc). And if you choose Java to write games for mobile devices and for the web, you can easily run these games on the PC as well. What comes to hardcore PC & Console games, then you will most likely need to switch language from Java to something else (C++ or C#). However, if you study Java seriously and make your games for the web & Mobile Devices, you will have no problems in picking up another language later on. So if this is what you want to do, my advice is that you start learning Java. Perhaps you would need one good book that teaches Java properly, and one or more Java-books concerning game-development and/or for mobile devices. If you can only afford to buy one book. My personal suggestion is that you buy a good book on Java, and use the net for resources concerning game-development.
  13. It very difficult to reply to your questions when you haven't given any background on your C++ & DirectX skills to start with, especially since this is the "For Beginners" forum, people assume that you are a complete beginner unless you claim otherwise (and the other way around on the other boards). However, I can only assume from the following: Quote: 1. Will it be possible? Quote: 2. Since this will be in real-time I know math and physics are involved but what I'd like to know is how much and what do I need to know? Quote: ...Like making a simulation for water. For instance you have this water running down from a pipe, but when I move an object in the direction of the water, the water will react to object and move accordingly. ...that your experience in the required areas are next to zero (correct me if I'm wrong). 3d-graphics in general require atleast some basic knowledge in linear algebra. If you would (or do) have some previous experience of such math, then you should have the "feel" of what you need to know. Also, I would have expected that someone who talks about "simulation of water" would also state their interest/knowledge in, say, fluid-dynamics. Again the text suggests that you're not on the clear on what exactly it means to program such a thing. And finally: Quote: Will it be better if I don't include the characters at all and just focus on interactivity on a scene? Will it be better for what? World peace? :) The reason why no-one has replied is probably because of the reasons above. Use these pointers to rephrase your question, please. :)
  14. Caminman

    SDL and Windows

    If you build a Console application in MSVC, the Console pops up by default along with the SDL window, and you can use it for input/output. Just happened to use it that way the other day.
  15. Caminman

    new to game programming...

    I agree with DevLiquidKnight. If you are serious about what you are doing, then I don't think the books that combine C++ for beginners and game-programming are anything to have. You will be much better off if you learn C++ and good OOP before you start to look into game-specific/oriented development. If you know C++ well enough, you will be able to create games anyway without any help from game-related books. However, when you are at that point, it will be much more rewarding to get a -serious- book on game development that assumes that you have a good knowledge of C++. So, I don't know if you already have a good C++ book, or if there's any available for free on the net, or if someone can suggest such for you to buy. If you'd still need any help for creating Tetris and whatnot, that kind of information is easily available on the net (and here), in case you are wondering how to proceed.
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