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  1. GoTo: is it really evil?

    I never NEVER used it. Just because i didn´t need it. But if you know what you are doing you can use it. For example, there are lots of gotos in the Quake code. Also in the Linux code. I tend to think the people that wrote that code know what they are doing.
  2. Cars in 3DS Max

    check at the CGTalk forums (www.cgtalk.com). there are some car tutorials. use the Search feature wisely and you will got something.
  3. [web] My website got hacked!

    (from the translation)---> 'me it sweats it' LMAO :) :), it translates as 'i don't give a fuck', or something like that. computer translations are funny, when not unintelligible...
  4. Which 2D API?

    i don't remember very well, but, if i'm wrong correct me, please. actually, you can draw to a window (in win32) with SDL (ie: an application form), you have to select the windib driver and do something with the window's handle (i really don't remember, sorry). here you have some info SDL Docs and there's an example in the JEDI SDL implementation wich draws an image in a form and lets you rotate and scale it with standard windows controls. there's some more info on the net, but it's been a long time since i used SDL, and/or C. edit: here you have some more info.
  5. Would like some feedback please.

    first: i'm not more experienced than you. or anybody. second: i like what i see. third: 1st and 2nd link point to the side view.
  6. What are all the BASIC languages?

    ZX Spectrum BASIC Commodore 64/128/etc BASIC BASIC4GL GWBasic DiNGS Game Basic GLBasic (from
  7. Can you recommend a good 3D modelling forum?

  8. I want to make a platform game

    look here. there's a list of stuff you could use. hope it helps.
  9. good engine

    i like kiwis, but i've been using delphi and delphix. may be that's the problem ;P. i'll have to fix that.
  10. Favorite game genres

    graphic adventures: full throttle, all monkey islands, day of the tentacle, loom, grim fandango... may be i'm just a lucas fan :) sports: fifa 2002/2004. i don't like soccer, though. i like "the sentinel", and its remake "sentry", but, i don't know its genre... fighting: street fighter II, and MK I and II platforms: Sonic II and III ...oh, i feel so old... :)
  11. Where do I begin

    Quote:DON'T DO IT! THOSE PROGRAMS ARE TEH DEVIL! No one on these boards will ever respect you if you use some "fake" language like BlitzBasic or DarkBasic or some program that pieces the game together for you please, if you want some respect around here (at least from me), make some nice game. i don't care what language you used (like most gamers... they wont probably know what a programming language is... :) ) Quote:Java's only really purpose is for online programs not true, you can find the original purpose here. and there are MANY non online apps made in java. Quote:which can also be done in Flash(although that really wouldn't be programming either) flash has some programming in it. it has all the logical constructs. you can even have DB access with it! Quote:What about something like Mugen? (that's a bitch to use) i don't like it neither, but if you do... you'll got the idea with some of the gamemakers. mostly with the programming/scripting ones. but, the main idea is: "lots of hard work". none will save from that :) and, yes, math is everywhere, mbuahahahaha! but you can keep it to a minimum (or learn more, who knows...). hope it helps. [edit] oh, and about "real" games made with "non real" languages you could try Platypus, a shooter made with Blitz3D. there are more, just do some researching. [/edit]
  12. Where do I begin

    oh, and i suck at math, too... but i passed all my classes at university... and still have not idea... damn. well, math is not what i like, but you should learn some (at least some algebra, and trig). and take your time to improve. oh, i forgot this one: Multimedia Fusion. there's a trial, too.
  13. Where do I begin

    well, you'll have a start here, but if not enough, you can always trust google... anyways, you want to sell your games? go to here and ask the guys there. they'll be nice if you ask nice and clearly. if you are not programming biased (more or less like me, i like programming, but i like other things more, like graphics), you can join other people who does like programming, or... use some gamemaking programs... (most people here will tell you don't do it, i'll tell you: try and take your own decision) things you can try (besides C++): - Keep learning C++ and all the stuff you'll need. - Try some "easier" language (Visual Basic, C#, the mighty DELPHI, JAVA, etc.) first and then (if you want) go with C++. once you learn one language, it will be easier to learn others (well, may be not lisp, or COBOL :) ). oh, try to develop some game with the "easier" language too. - BlitzBasic (Basic language for games and/or apps) - DarkBasic (more or less the same) - 3D Game Studio (it has a scripting language) - Quest3D (I like this one, not "programming", but "programming blocks"). Basic version is 89$, if i'm not wrong. C++ SDK for plugins. i bought the ~800$ (well, my company). still learning, but NICE (for me...) - Virtools. Uses the "programming blocks" concept, it has an scripting language and a C++ SDK. VERY expensive. I haven't tried. I'll ask them the trial by email this week and see. - Reality Factory (not programming at all, you configure ini files, IIRC) - Flash/Director. yes, you can make games with that, and sell them. may be not DOOM X, but i can program in C, and i'd barely make a 2D plataformer with that... - Game making is not all about programming, or doing everything by yourself: you can join forces with others, or use other tools, or "put your suggestion here", but there's always a workaround. just take your time and put some effort on it! hope it helps.
  14. Critique Game Website

    instead notepad you could try TsWebEditor. it is what i use for HTML/CSS/PHP and the like. it can be used for C/C++/etc, has syntax highlighting, code completion... oh, and it's free. hope it helps. ps: nice screenshots!
  15. Not sleeping makes me a better person

    i have this friend who was 4 days awake and the last day he saw a caveman through his window... he went to sleep, then (and no, it was not mardi gras :) ) i think he was crazy before his little experiment, though...