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  1. Mage2k

    salary history and references

    I read a really great article on application and interview processes not too long ago that recommended you give a salary range when asked that question. It also gave the formula: the bottom of the range is the smallest baseline salary you've made in the past two years (maybe it was more (years)) and the top of the range is the largest baseline salary you've made plus the cash equivalent value of any benefits and perks you've also received such as vacation, coffee, lunches, bonuses, etc.
  2. Mage2k

    Handy Reference

    Quote:Original post by kanzler Quote:Original post by capn_midnight How embarassing for them: Quote: You can aways open more API tabs or close existing one from the tab bar above. Surely you mean embarrassing?hah!
  3. Mage2k

    Programming Languages as Religion

    I'd say that ruby, being a developed in Japan, could be called Buddhist ("We are all objects grasshopper..."). But, if you throw the Rails framework in the mix you get Heaven's Gate.
  4. Quote:Original post by shmoove I have to say, it looks like some godless liberals have had their way with the Conservapedia to make it look stupid. And that's why they won't allow new users anymore. I mean, what other explanation could you find for their entry on Brazil? shmooveThat was awesome!
  5. Also, do a search for XSS and read up on that.
  6. Hah! You want a specific answer without asking a specific question! The greener you are the more questions you should have! Seriously though, I know what your asking and, without getting too specific, what's the environment you're working in? What language(s) are you using and/or have available? Who's in charge of your server(s)? What's your root password?
  7. Quote:Original post by Sander Quote:Director of ITMatchOnline- Outsourcing Portal. [lol]Seconded. :)
  8. Aside --> Seriously though, take the M in LAMP back to Middleware and leave out the MySQL and if you ever get the chance, check out PostgreSQL.
  9. Don't believe the hype... Constantly relevant search results are highly overrated. Seriously now, why ever would I want to have instant answers to my questions quite literally at my fingertips?
  10. Mage2k


    And, since when did Fight Club bomb?
  11. Quote:Original post by exorcist_bob How can I create a global variable that won't be reinitialized every time I include a file that declares it with new? Use require_once() instead of include()
  12. Mage2k

    [web] PHP, CGI, blah blah blah

    Also, there are other web frameworks for Ruby other than Ruby on Rails. In fact, there's no strict reason to use Ruby on Rails if you want to use Ruby. However, once you learn the Rails framework (or Django for Python, or ...) it will make throwing together web apps a lot quicker.
  13. Mage2k

    What does English sound like?

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Quote:Original post by Kwizatz Quote:Original post by Drakkcon -Do you consider American English a different dialect from International, or are the accents and spelling just different? I though there where different dialects even inside the USA. The most prominent example of widespread dialect differences that I can think of would have to be what generic word people use to refer to carbonated soft drinks. In my area, people say "coke", west of here they say "pop", down south I've heard mostly "soda" and up north I've heard "soda pop".Actually, "down south", which typically refers to the southeast U.S., it's all coke, which is due Coca Cola being based out of Atlanta. It still weirds me out to hear conversations like, "Hey, want a coke?" "Yeah, got Sprite?"
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