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    Remnants of the cold war

    Quote:Original post by FlowingOoze Just this morning I heard on the news that a journalist was jailed somewhere in USA because he didn't give up the identity of his source. Yah this is true, but here's the other side of the story. This journalist released the name of one of our spys, which endangered his life, so the pentagon officials wanted to see who leaked the information. This is understandable, but not acceptable. I do believe the jouranlist is the one who should be under investigation, but not a scape goat type investigation, one that gets to the truth. This brings me to a tangent point, I wish the goal of investigations is not to point consequence, but to teach those at fault how to improve, if those at fault show they wish to improve. Back to journalist. I think it's appalling the journalist was jailed for not releasing his source. Secret sources in the government are sometimes the only way to prevent corruption and make the goverment follow their own rules.
  2. xorjesus

    Im a Bard!

    Quote:Original post by DevLiquidKnight I played a game as a bard once but I had the ablity to provoke monsters, it rocked for making cash but was useless in pvp. ^=UO; Bardship indirectly helped pvp, and sometimes directly. It's a million time easier to tame a dragon when its attacking one of it's brethern.
  3. I just watched for the first time ever Ultimate Fighting Championship, and I could hardly believe how awesome it was. I saw UFC 1 and UFC 2, and it was the most brutal and exciting thing I've ever scene. One of my hardcore martial art friend's recommended it to me, after I described how I really enjoyed the strategic element in boxing, but I complained that it didn't even come close to simulating real life street fights. Ultimate Fightingis essentially an unlimited time, full contact, minimal rule street fight. You can do anything except bite or eye gouge, but everything else is completely legal. So you can imagine the raw ruthlessness of the fights. In the first fight ever(UFC 1), a 400 pound sumo wrestler loses to a 180 pound Savate master who dodges the sumos first charge, and than the Savate master kicks the sumo wrestler in the face cause teeth and blood to fly out! I guess sportsmanship is a considerably different in full contact fighting, but it was insane. Ultimate Fighters wage their battle in an octagon instead of a square ring, the idea is to not give one style of fighting an advantage over another. I just ordered the first 10 UFC's off of eBay, and have been doing tons of research on the web. It seems like the sport has changed a lot, but only for the better. I could see people easily getting killed or disabled with the the original UFC rules, but now the environment allows for full contact fighting strategy, but gives the contestants a much greater chance at coming back. I'm very interested in learning about what these fighters have to go through to enter the octagon, what type of people fight, and what are the neurological effects of taking some full force kicks to the head. I'm curious to what experience you gamedevers have had with this unique sport, and if any of you martial art scholars have anything interesting to say.
  4. xorjesus

    Jackson Innocent

    Quote:Original post by Michalson Not all countries think a trial by ones peers is the best approach. I mean really, just about every smart person is smart enough to get out of jury duty. That means you get to have your fate decided by a gallery of idiots and bored housewives. Ahahahaha so so true. *sniff*
  5. xorjesus

    The no vote on medical weed

    I hate getting into these things late, but here it goes... It's not right that someone can tell me what to do with my body if it doesn't effect anyone but me. I feel the government is unfairly taking away my rights and freedom. I've smoked marijuana for years and by this societies standards I'm successful, both socially and economic. The greater majority of people that I know who smoke marijuana are both socially and economically successful. I would hope people would be more inclined to oppose laws that restrict PERSONAL freedoms, esepcially when many people with pain can attest to marijuana helping them. This vote shows the power of Pharmaceutical lobbyists. Quote: Im not pro- or anti drug, but what about other pain relievers instead of pot? Pot has known/unknown side affects, and at least with prescribed medications the side-effects are known and is legal. </rant> Pot has been used for millenia, it's effects are well documented. Most pain medication has very severe side effects, this ignorance is another example of the success of Pharmaceutical lobbyists.
  6. xorjesus

    Ok, lets talk Episode III *SPOILER WARNING!*

    I saw it as well, and even though the anakin/padme interaction was the worst acting in the whole world, the rest of the movie i.e. 99.999% of the movie roxored j00 boxors noob. The action, story, and non anakin/padme acting was above average. Never have I seen such detailed and alien worlds. I'm a full believer in the superiority of analog effects vs digital i.e. Modeling vs CG, but this CG was prettttty damn good. Except for the creature models, but creature models always suck, the environments and inanimate objects were amazing. The ending was good too. I do wish they would release two more movies though. One movie between episodes 3 and 4 to help with the transition, and than another movie between 5 and 6 to clarify all the infamous historical errors. 8/10 i.e. Does not suck and is very enjoyable. Not a movie for your girlfriend unless she likes the franchise. [Edited by - xorjesus on May 18, 2005 3:03:24 AM]
  7. xorjesus

    Uzbekistan Massacres

    Quote:Original post by CoffeeMug If that were true, they woudln't vote republican in 2004. Lol, you contradict your self with the next thing you say. If the votes weren't adultered, than the fear and propaganda that republicans spread got themselves re-elected. Quote:Original post by CoffeeMug Yeah. Which means they're unable to govern[the people -xorjesus]. Which proves my original point. I agree with this whole heartily. I think a tyranny is the only way to get almost 100% freedom and a true democracy. It's just very hard to find a dictator looking out for the majority of people, and not special interests or self morals and standards. Socrates had it right. Let it be a republic dictatorship, but the leaders can't own land, have children, and have any sort of asset.
  8. xorjesus

    Uzbekistan Massacres

    Quote:Original post by CoffeeMug Quote:Original post by Eelco since when is the USA a democracy, or even something resembling it? As much as you'd like to believe US isn't a democracy, that isn't true. The government does represent the majority opinion in this country. CoffeeMug, since when did you learn the motivations of every american? Did you look at the fox polls and bush's "Town Hall" meetings? Do you believe in all government propaganda? Most Americans I know aren't happy with the war, lies, and politicizing of substanceless topics.(iraq, WMDS, and war on gay marriage anyone?) People aren't happy, but people aren't very good at externalizing their emotions. If one's unhappy, it's quite easy to use primal emotions such as fear and anger to twist there beliefs and perceptions on reality. Unfortunately it's those who have narcissistic intentions who are willing to use such manipulations and coercive techniques on the sheep of the world. Those with good intentions try to sway people in a fair way, and it takes too long.
  9. xorjesus

    Smoking Hookah (May become image intensive)

    That's a real interesting idea smoking shisha, I've smoked a numer of substances in my day both legal and illegal, but I've never partaked in a shisha session. I'm going to go read up on the history of the hookah now, but I'm curious if the original smokers of the hookah had a mixture of both hash and shisha, or some other substance. Thanks for the idea zerowolf. p.s. I'll try and get a picture of my four piece 300$ glass hookah up here later.
  10. xorjesus

    Caffeine makes me stoopid!

    I read an article in a recent issue in natural geographic that focused completely on caffeine. They found that heavy users of caffeine had greataer brain activity than non caffeine users; but when a heavy caffiene user limits or stops his intake of the drug, he or she has less average brain activity than non users. This lasts until the body adjusts to normal chemical levels.
  11. xorjesus

    I like chicken.

    Don't make me get involved I'll make you all devolve My skills are so uber tight you wont know left from right Since the beginning, I've always been in control Chilling in the west even in excess with the bowl This right here is total impromptu, this right here, will rhomp you. I best lay off and get back to work, cause if I continue you'll be butt hurt.
  12. xorjesus

    Let's see your crazy setup's (image heavy)

    Quote:Original post by smart_idiot I don't have a camera, so here's a diagram type thingy: Ahahahhahahahahahahh! Force of gravity<- LOL!
  13. xorjesus

    How 'wide' is a photon?

    I really think x^0 should be 0. It makes sense. As a matter of fact should 0!.
  14. xorjesus

    I'm a horrible programmer.

    What is grape?
  15. xorjesus

    Reusability of classes

    I think most programmers would agree with telastyn that Quote: Game objects should be completely independant of the render objects which represent them Quote:Original post by Jiia telastyn is absolutely correct. You shouldn't even have a CPlayer class.. Though I would like you to elaborate on what you mean about not having a player class. You think there should be a generic entity class and the player is an object that should be implemented from this generic entities interface?
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