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  1. Yes, MySQL also needs to be installed. I think SQLite can built into your exe and just use one flat file for database storage, thus making a nicer alternative if you want to simplify installation process. MySQL stores databases in files placed wherever you told it to place itself when installing MySQL. It has it's own structure, loosely speaking, one table is stored in one or more files.
  2. Quote:Original post by Hodgman I have templates/macros that allow reflection/marshaling (see visitor pattern) of the functions inside a class, and use this to generate the script-bindings. This does allow a class to be bound to many languages without editing it ;) Interesting. Do you mind me asking how intrusive is your solution? What I mean by that is how many more declarations have to be added to the class for it receive reflection/marshalling? Could you provide and example of a simple class declared with your templates/macros?
  3. Have any of you tried embedding more than one scripting language into the game to use them simultaneously? The benefit would be that for each script used you could select the appropriate language to write it in (always have the right tool for the job). Could be beneficial to productivity even though you'd introduce runtime overhead with more than one script interpreter running at the same time. Obviously it would be pretty difficult to come up with an elegant architecture to support it. Most libraries for binding C++ functions to script make heavy use of templates so you couldn't use polymorphism to make the use of multiple scripting languages transparent to the rest of the code. By that I mean you could not add another scripting language without modifying the code where the function is being exposed. An alternative is to use SWIG and just regenerate binding code for each new language. Any experience with that? P.S. Yes, this is just me thinking out loud hoping someone will contribute to it. :)
  4. Radan

    Assuming a virtual spaceship in a void...

    I'm sorry but you are not formulating the question in a meaningful way. This is what I gathered so far: f should be a function because you're trying to find it's roots. In your example it is just a constant function f(x) = 1. Therefore it has no roots. Basically, just looking at your code, ignoring all else these two lines don't seam to make sense: double f = 1.0; // Fuel usage base. ... RootList roots = Quadratic.Solve(f, 0, -0.5); What's Quadratic.Solve supposed to do? What are it's parameters. It's signature seams to be RootList Solve(double, double, double) which doesn't give clues as to what it's supposed to do.
  5. Radan

    Math Contest - am I overestimating people?

    I left an answer in your comments. Its a fairly easy problem if you've had probability classes at college. I think the solution should be correct if I understood the problem correctly. And if I understood the problem correctly the relevant information can be summed up as following: Igor stole a bottle from a random warehouse out of thirty. Warehouses are numbered from one to thirty. A bottle in the Nth warehouse can be at most N days old. Igor knows how old the bottle is. What's the probability of him guessing the warehouse the bottle originated from? I am pretty certain that is the right interpretation but I wouldn't be so sure without all the additional comments here and at your blog. The wording is just a bit weird cause at first you say he has only heard about the right silo and only later you indirectly state that he has also been there. There is an additional problem with your results collecting method. What's stopping somebody from creating a bunch of email accounts and just copying every answer given in the comments thus ensuring he will enter the draw? Also, I think this might actually be a very hard problem for someone who's never had probability classes. Most people have problems grasping fundamental probability concepts. Probability is not an approach to problems familiar to human beings.
  6. Radan

    Flash Basketball gamedev competition

    What do you mean by rainbow shots? Yes, the backboard shots are a little on the safe side but the clean straight shot has a nice double distance bonus to balance it. :) If you go to initial menu screen and then Group settings -> View Rankings you'll see that you're the 4th best player. :) P.S. I was just thinking, it's a really simple time killer game, but I don't think I would play it a second time if it wasn't for the familiar woosh sound and the net animation when you make a clean shot. Got me thinking about how superfluous game elements sometimes add significant value to the core game mechanic.
  7. A friend sent me a link to this pretty addictive flash basketball game. The thing is you can create "competitions" so people can come play in a certain competition and all their scores go on a toplist for that competition. So, just for fun, I created a competition: That code at the end is necessary for you to join the competition. Before you start playing, go to Edit Player and enter your name so we know who's score is it. I'll go set some scores now. :)
  8. Radan

    New HDR Pipeline, Sky/Cloud Rendering, etc.

    Quote:Original post by dgreen02 Add their contributions at different stages in the shader, this is where it gets sort of black-magicy lol, the shader is pretty complicated I just did a lot of trial and error to get it looking good. I don't think I could give a proper explaination of exactly what I did without sitting down and studying the whole thing. But yeaaa, I'm just glad it looks decent [grin]. Thanks for the explanation, I figured it might have a bit of voodoo at some stage. :) I trained sailing actively for a number of years so I've seen my share of water reflections and while looking at your screens, for just a moment, I had a flashback to those relaxing moments when I would just watch the reflections jumping around... ...this is probably the moment where we are supposed to spontaneously burst into song but lets just restrain ourselves. Aaaany way, yeah, good reflections. :)
  9. Raise the unit test coverage as much as possible, clearly define my end goal and then make small refactoring steps towards that goal. The lower the unit test coverage the smaller the refactoring steps have to be. IMHO, with any other approach (other than throw away an write again which has a whole score of other problems) you can not make any guarantees on the cost and feasibility of the "rewrite".
  10. Radan

    New HDR Pipeline, Sky/Cloud Rendering, etc.

    Great work as always! Will the players be able to quickly pull up to get an overview of the battle and then zoom back in, supreme commander style? Could you write down a few lines about that sun reflecting of the water effect you have(both from near and far views)? I really like the way it turned out for you. Keep it up!
  11. Radan

    Random game ideas!

    You haven't really described what is the actual gameplay. As it is now, the ideas read more like ideas for novels, not games. What it is that you are actually doing in the game?
  12. Radan

    Tech Demo Video 2010

    Great work as always. I really don't like MMOs and never played one, but I think I won't be able to resist getting a subscription to Infinity! P.S. Just one minot thing. In the video, in the music, you have this four tone sequence repeating all the time. What's up with that? I had to turn off sound half way through the video cause it was getting on my nerves.
  13. Radan

    Try...catch vs if statements?

    It depends. An exception should be just that, an exception. On modern compilers, and exception is almost free until it occurs. When a throw happens the program incurs a certain cost in execution time. That is why exceptions should be ... well, exceptional. That said, I have a feeling you are looking at it the wrong way. Tell me, when will your code be outside of the array domain and why?
  14. Radan

    How to Get a Team Together?

    Make a portfolio and start making some of the models needed for your game idea. If your models are good, you'll have no problems finding a programmer that will buy into your idea. Yes, it's that simple. Make some of the models needed for your game and flesh out a design document a bit. Most programmers, with enough time on their hands won't be able to resist breathing a little life into some cool models.
  15. Radan

    [web] Web programming

    Where are you from? What's considered expensive in my country would be cheap in say, UK. In all honesty it sounds like a simple site, most of your time was probably spent learning. Somebody with a lot of experience could finish it in under a week. If you really have no idea, try to find website companies from your area and see what their prices are. Or even make a price enquiry by e-mail, as if you are thinking about ordering a similar site from them.
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