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  1. Radan

    New HDR Pipeline, Sky/Cloud Rendering, etc.

    Quote:Original post by dgreen02 Add their contributions at different stages in the shader, this is where it gets sort of black-magicy lol, the shader is pretty complicated I just did a lot of trial and error to get it looking good. I don't think I could give a proper explaination of exactly what I did without sitting down and studying the whole thing. But yeaaa, I'm just glad it looks decent [grin]. Thanks for the explanation, I figured it might have a bit of voodoo at some stage. :) I trained sailing actively for a number of years so I've seen my share of water reflections and while looking at your screens, for just a moment, I had a flashback to those relaxing moments when I would just watch the reflections jumping around... ...this is probably the moment where we are supposed to spontaneously burst into song but lets just restrain ourselves. Aaaany way, yeah, good reflections. :)
  2. Radan

    New HDR Pipeline, Sky/Cloud Rendering, etc.

    Great work as always! Will the players be able to quickly pull up to get an overview of the battle and then zoom back in, supreme commander style? Could you write down a few lines about that sun reflecting of the water effect you have(both from near and far views)? I really like the way it turned out for you. Keep it up!
  3. Radan

    Tech Demo Video 2010

    Great work as always. I really don't like MMOs and never played one, but I think I won't be able to resist getting a subscription to Infinity! P.S. Just one minot thing. In the video, in the music, you have this four tone sequence repeating all the time. What's up with that? I had to turn off sound half way through the video cause it was getting on my nerves.
  4. Radan

    Revolution, Part 2: BioReplicant Animation

    Well, done, great stuff! How realistic is the physics being applied to the robot and how extensive is the information the algorithms receive? What I mean is, does it compute it's reaction based on just the forces on it's joints and bones or does it also receive some external information from the engine? How well would it do if you tried to use it to control a real life bipedal robot? Again, well done. If I owned an iPhone I would have certainly bought your game.
  5. Radan

    Revolution, Part 1: Audio

    That is amazing! Please, can you create a clip longer than the ghost? I mean, the most obvious application is horror games. This kind of synthesized sound can easily double the horror quality of a game, if not more. Big thumbs up to your friend.
  6. Radan

    First Entry

    Amazing, I had the idea of trying to render a 4D world ever since the linear algebra courses back at first year at uni but never got around to it (shame on me :) so I'm very happy to see someone actually trying it out. I'll definitely follow your journal, keep it up.
  7. Radan

    Lava experiments

    Looks really nice. Do you think you might be putting out a new video with all the new effects added since the last video? Maybe just a little unofficial one at youtube.
  8. Radan

    Which gun should I add??

    I think you might be missing some weird yet useful and cool weapon. That is why I am going to suggest the Nail Gun, a real world one obviously. :)
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