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  1. xSKOTTIEx

    Lockless Linked List

    this code is not thread safe: void AddLL(LocklessList* l,void* data) { LocklessListItem* ni=new LocklessListItem; ni->data=data; //set data ni->prev=0; //we are the head nothing before us if(l->head) //if the list isn't empty l->head->prev=ni; //connect the old head to us l->head=ni; //we are the new head if(!l->tail) //if there is no tail l->tail=l->head; //connect use to the tail } lets say there was one element in the linked list when you call this method. and say this line was executed: if ( l->head ) which, since there is one element in the list, it would evaluate to true. now lets say there is a context switch, and that element was removed by another thread. the list is now empty and head pointer is null. l->head->prev=ni; would cause a null dereference once the context is switched back to the original thread. basically, if you have data structures that are going to be shared between threads you have to sychronize them properly. you WILL need a lock for this implementation.
  2. xSKOTTIEx

    game board creation question

    just starting at one spot and going throug the whole board and throwing away pieces that cause a match seemed to have worked nicely. thanks guys.
  3. xSKOTTIEx

    game board creation question

    well, i didnt want anyone stealing my idea, but whatever, you heard it here first. the pieces are cards, with a suit and a face. and you rotate a 2x2 square of these at a time to create poker hands (all hands except pairs, including two pairs, fullhouse, straight, flush, etc) counter clockwise like hexic on the 360. the piece of doom probably does not exist in this case, especially if i build it top to bottom, and not from the outside to the middle. would the previous solution be acceptable for this application?
  4. xSKOTTIEx

    game board creation question

    that was my intial thought, the only thing is this creates a situation where the wait could HYPOTHETICALLY take forever. if a random piece kept being chosen that would cause a match (lets say you end up in a hole such that no matter what piece you put there it will cause a match) or if the computer continually choses a matching piece, the user will wait indefinitely. or will this sort itself out really fast because the computers of today are fast. am i over thinking this?
  5. xSKOTTIEx

    quick problem

    that did it. gg thnx.
  6. xSKOTTIEx

    quick problem

    I was unclear about my post, I'm using .Net 2003. The game engine I'm using was compiled using .NET, but I keep getting d3d8types.h errors.
  7. xSKOTTIEx

    weird unresolved external?

    that was the first thing i did. duh. but it seems like this error can be caused from many different issues. i couldn't find a problem similar to mine.
  8. xSKOTTIEx

    weird unresolved external?

    well, i have to use VC6. There are libraries that I am using that conflict with the 2005 STL libraries, causing it not to compile. i HAVE to use VC6. is there an answer that isn't avoiding the problem? I should be able to use fstream in VC6. I know VC6 isn't a great compiler but its the choice I made.
  9. What I do is have a separate list for each TYPE of game object. explosions, enemies, bullets, players, etc. this way, i dont waste processing power by doing collisions of say, explosions to bullets, which wouldn't do anything.
  10. im creating a VERY similar clone right now myself. now while some of the gameplay/graphics is different, the general idea is the same. as far as the background effects, i did a mesh of mass-spring-damper systems, and a very simple way to add geometric pressure to each node (expanding circles for explosions, etc), and it seems to run pretty fast. I'll have screen shots up soon.
  11. xSKOTTIEx

    What programs do you use to draw?

    finally, im not the only one who likes paintshop pro. a bad carpenter blames their tools. good programmer art is a combination of the tools and your skills. know your tools.
  12. xSKOTTIEx

    One of the best gaming websites to come

    i think its funny how Juega means game in spanish. Effectively naming the site GameGaming
  13. xSKOTTIEx


    i believe the memorandum pictures are there as part of their involvement with the ARG (sp), some online game similar to hack.net that is related to the tv series, "LOST." how do i know this? my mom won't stfu about it.
  14. xSKOTTIEx

    RPG inventory, removing items

    try using an std::map.
  15. xSKOTTIEx


    your example shows how deferencing a null pointer is bad. basically, you are asking for memory that does not belong to you. The operating system did not give you permission to read/write at that location (in this case it is 0 ) and it is terminating the application because of it. Frankly, if you don't understand pointers, or why that example is relevant, you have much further to go before making your own game, much less doing so with DirectX 9. Do a google on pointers. Try downloading "Pointer Fun With Binky" and watch that. Thats how I learned.
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