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    Peculiarities of Minnesota.

    Hey, don't knock tater tot hot dish on a stick! Yes, I had some today. I liked it. (It was just meat balls and tater tots coated in breading and deep fried, with this delicious gravy/dip.) I do tend to stay away from some of the greasiest foods, though. A deep fried onion is delicious, but a deep fried Twinkie is just disgusting. There's plenty of stuff besides food at the fair, though. Several years ago, they had awesome Legos at the 4-H building; my brothers and I tried to build a gear setup to get the most torque possible. We learned that the little plastic axles can't handle much torque. [grin] The parades are good, and so are the fireworks and the lumberjack competitions. Also, the Eco Experience is great for raising public awareness. (I volunteered there to answer questions about the University of Minnesota Solar Car and electric vehicles in general. That got me free admission to the fair!)
  2. nagromo

    Next Article - Choose your own Adventure

  3. nagromo

    Back to programming

    I would guess that he uses some LOD algorithm to only generate and store the data he needs; instead of entirely generating all of the planets, he only loads the low detail far-out view, and only generates more data as the view moves closer to a particular planet. I don't have the source code, of course, it just seems like no current system has the RAM to store an entire solar system at full detail, and that seems like a good way to get around that.
  4. nagromo

    The linux experience, part 1

    Meh, Linux isn't for everyone. It also hates some hardware, especially if the vendor won't release device information. I'm glad it works well with all of my hardware. I suggest that if you decide to try Linux again, try Mepis. The installer is also a liveCD so you can see if it works with your hardware. It's Debian-based, so you have apt-get and the Debian repositories. You also have almost everything autoconfigured in the graphical installer, which uses QTPartEd for partitioning instead of Debian's overly complicated text-based installer. It also includes Java and Flash Mozilla plugins out of the box. I did have to turn up the volume and turn off the mute to get sound to work, which seems like dumb defaults, but that's easy enough to fix. I personally love Linux. When I use Windows (which doesn't work on my machine, so I miss my games) I keep missing little things about Linux. It has a long way to go, but it's also come a long way.
  5. nagromo

    The Pissing Contest

    In the new honeycomb I can't see your text. Your other games work for me, though. (Linux, Firefox, and Flashplayer 7)
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