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    Android multiplayer game

    I can recommend the Mosync IDE and compiler. It lets you program in c\c++ and use one code base for multiple platforms including iphone\ipad, android, windows mobile, and many more. It even has opengl es support.
  2. Just a little curious if there is a reason we have no section for audio programming. We have sections for mostly everything else so I figured I would throw out the idea. I don't just mean like how to use openal and libraries, as that would obviously go into the libraries section. I'm talking more about audio pattern programming, and audio and music from a programming perspective. I'm sure some of these topics can be considered general programming but then it gets crammed in with all the non related stuff.
  3. Mosync is another option if you want cross platform support. Also it enables you to develop using your current c\c++ skills.
  4. Personally I'm not understanding the exact question. But what I did was make a base "Renderer" class with virtual functions that can be over written for each seperate renderer. Then just derive your seperate renderers from that. In the code call something like: if(renderer == "ogl") lprenderer = new OpenGLRenderer(); else if(renderer == "d3d") lprenderer = new D3DRenderer(); else lprenderer = new SoftwareRenderer() Where each renderer is derived from the main Renderer class with renderer specific functions. I hope that helps or be a little more specific.
  5. Well I've figured out the answer to question 1. I can't believe I didn't think to use SPI_SETWORKAREA sooner with SystemParametersInfo() function. I still welcome any help on the other questions plus any other general ideas you may have.
  6. Well I've been working on a shell replacement now in my spare time for a few weeks. I've come to the point where I need to decide on how to go about certain things. I have scoured forums here and elsewhere but I can't seem to find any bread crumbs for some of my questions. I am not looking for direct code but if anyone has any methods or tips to share than I welcome you to please do so. I have given the following items lots of thought and I can't seem to come to an a clear answer for myself. I am going to keep the questions as short as possible as to not suck up to much of your time. Let me know if I need to go into more detail on anything. 1. How does the windows task bar work in terms of sizing? I notice if I re-size my default task bar, when I minimize and maximize windows they seem to know how to size accordingly to the new height of the task bar. I would like my task bar to have a similar feel. 2. When it comes to desktop icons and such, It seems like I could get away with using an owner draw list control and just draw the icons myself. What are your thoughts on this method? Seems like it would be a hack. 3. I believe windows explorer is normally responsible for drawing the background wallpaper. Now assuming I want to draw my own I would need a window covering everything to draw it on to. How would you suggest I go about making sure my window doesn't cover other applications when I launch them.? Any help or ideas on the following items would be great. Thank you to anyone who made it this far into my post.
  7. bjz

    Codename "Holy War" Video Showcase

    Shouldn't the other team have aa leader as well. :D I mean your just running around killing guys on the horse. Seems they should have a horse coming after you. :D Good work.
  8. bjz

    Save Darrells Balls

    Yeah, essentially it is a copy but much more lame. :D On a brighter note it's just a joke. Darrell is actually my dog, while he really does need a girl the real reason I posted it was A) I thought it would be mildly humerous and B) he really does need $1000 for a tumor surgery. I work as a painter when I'm not programming and I hurt my hand a few weeks ago and haven't been able to paint which isn't really a problem for me since I've got a set home and food, but I cant pay for his surgery so I figured I'd go the long shot and throw up a lame website. Sorry if I offended anyone. I really do love my dog though and putting him to sleep isn't really an option for me.
  9. bjz

    Save Darrells Balls LOL
  10. well i bought a 256mb ati radeon 9550 128bit agp, and i have a 256mb ati x1300 64bit pci. I was just wondering which would give better performance and if the 9550 supports shader model 3.0 or not? I would assume the 9550 would perform better given that its a 128 bit card although it's older.
  11. bjz

    Horror game demo released

    On the website it says my radeon 9200 is supported, but when it gets past the intro it crashes. Here is the end of my log file. Some of the sample errors I get up until the fatal error. My pc is amd xp2400+, 512mb ram, and ,as stated, my radeon 9200. Error loading: 'core/programs/'! ERROR: Couldn't create material 'door_metal_12.mat' ERROR: Couldn't create material 'door_metal_12.jpg' for object '_collider_box_1' CG ERROR : The profile is not supported. Error loading: 'core/programs/'! CG ERROR : The profile is not supported. Error loading: 'core/programs/'! CG ERROR : The profile is not supported. Error loading: 'core/programs/'! CG ERROR : The profile is not supported. Error loading: 'core/programs/'! FATAL ERROR: Only single sided stencil supported!
  12. bjz

    Full Metal Conflict Alpha Test 2

    Quote:Original post by AntonyCoder And the lasers, don't get me started on how many types of lasers they'll be! You can never have enough lasers. ;)
  13. I'm not a man with alot of time but perhaps I could help you implement some irc into your game. Drop me an email or pm.
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