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  1. SaurabhTorne

    Controlling a Very Intelligent AI

    In the future, AI, robots become very intelligent and they could be able to take decisions and be able to give a great argument to clarify their decisions. Humans would end up being just like chicken stock, ready to be cut for further preparations such as food. In this case the Human life cycle would be perhaps perfect garden. AI could just make choices for humans activities every minute, such as amount of sugar in coffee to choosing the right stream of education. It could be a reality as soon as in a couple of decades. In this case would there be way to determine if humans are controlling AI or AI are controlling humans in real?
  2. SaurabhTorne

    Coherent Rays

    Thank you guys for replies, I better understand. Can we say all the rays falling on a sphere from all directions be called as coherent rays.
  3. SaurabhTorne

    Coherent Rays

    Hi, I came across this term called Coherent Rays. Not sure if it is about co-planer rays or parallel rays related to 3d computer graphics. Is it just a some case specific form of pattern of rays.  Both 3d and 2d meaning. reply, Pyro.
  4. Game development is not easy? let me tell y'all, that it is a hell a lot easier than getting married and all.
  5. SaurabhTorne

    Unreal Engine vs Unity Engine

    I use and Like Unity for its ease of use but, Unity is very silly. It has some fundamental drawbacks that would create a jam in long haul projects. For example there are no abstract objects. Even GUI elements need a 3d transform This is fundamentally weird.
  6. SaurabhTorne

    I was frustrated over the weekend and made this

    a real stress busting trick!
  7. SaurabhTorne

    I Have No Idea what I'm Doing

    Game development as a hobby is good.  Later on, its would be good for you if you may, to showcase your work on game developer websites such as gamedev. Unless its a remarkable game, don't publish it  :lol:  on any of the main markets for free as it only increases clutter of games in the markets. Making a small part of what is required in a game instead of an entire game is a lot more beneficial and rewarding. :)
  8. SaurabhTorne

    Is VR Really the Future of Gaming - or Just a Fad?

    The VR may become more of a specialty product. Just like steering wheel controller.  Think about movies in VR, still people would prefer the conventional 2d/3d movie over VR. People do not prefer to wear anything on the eyes. It will always be the same. Its not that simple to sell sunglasses for the eyes of every consumers,but a fancy handbag is. Same goes with the classic game controllers, which match the tendencies of the human hands so well.
  9. SaurabhTorne

    How to avoid Burnout/Find Support

    For one of the crunches I found that thinking capabilities recede to zero. If you think that its not pushing any further, but your manager thinks its possible, then rather take a 10 -30 minutes break. If its overloading in the wee-hours then just sleep when if you need. If the burnout is causing a level of unfavorable pain which is mental or physical, just pause everything. No manager is gonna stop you from taking a power-nap during a burnout. But if you take a complete day off and other don't then its not really appreciated and can go to the unofficial records. Passions for games is the first thing that gets destroyed if there are too many crunches and burnout.  There are so many professions in the world that use the same skill as developing games but work life balance is perfect bliss. If there were such burnouts in software engineers who are working in the automotive industry or oil industry think about the mistakes developers would make, and how many accidents would have been caused. Fact fully ,if anything relatively deviant is to be created or innovated its has to take its right amount of time. Time like 2-8 years is what it would take to make a perfect next gen game.  Think about the solar powered aircraft, or the fastest Bugatti. Same is the case with games. they take their time.
  10. SaurabhTorne

    Fluorine Engine

    I think you are very talented. People would like to work for you. Don't try to get in line for jobs, it would slow you down. Rather hone your skills further and get some enthusiast to make some games from your engine and publish those.
  11. Hi, We are an Indie game company, working on a casual game project. A space shooter game approaching completion.  We are a looking for fresh talented artists, game designers sound/music designers  to contribute for our project.  This will be a good opportunity to showcase your talent and add this game to your portfolio. Most of the content for game play is in place and all we need do add is some custom 3d/2d graphics. Artwork required is straight forward. GUI, 3d space ships and special effects. Optionally choose any or all of these. A part time effort estimated to be of 1-2 months may be required. There is no monetary compensation for this particular project, but we can provide with a proper certificate for your resume/portfolio. We are open for total fresh talent and experienced. Both may apply. We have created a lot of games in the past as in-house projects as well as for clients. Best regards. Pyrocute.
  12. SaurabhTorne

    Use raycast as a trigger

    gameObject.SendMessage("OnTriggerStay", hit.collider); // alternative B Pseudo code: <Monobehavior class name > tempObj = gameObject.GetComponent<<Monobehavior class name>>(); tempObj.SetTriggerStay(hit.Collider);
  13. 1. recalculation of the next steps for the changing ground. This will be an array of vectors. 2. Normalizing these vectors to smooth the differences. (rounding of edges in calculation.) Bezier curve. 3. use this array of vectors as ground instead of the actual 3d surface.
  14. SaurabhTorne

    How to avoid Burnout/Find Support

    Take it nice and easy.
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