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  1. Are you using server scripts in some way to iterate your game, or plan to? I'd like to know if anyone is actually doing it.   This is basically the idea I have in the works for my game. The design is very difficulty-centric and the feedback I've received is basically it's hard to get going and then once you do it becomes too easy. Releasing lots of updates to try and adjust is simply too much of a pain, so I'm designing a configuration system that will download from a server.   The only things that I would note: 1. If your game is playable offline in anyway, make sure to cache the configuration locally. 2. You may want to give some sort of notice that things have changed (I plan on having a Configuration Version on the title screen.)
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    Our point and click adventure game prototype, SAGE.
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    My new animation editor.
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    Images from our software, Small Business Accounting.
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    Screenshots and videos of Blocks Gone Wild 2D.
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