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  1. Rating done :D thanks for that. The thing i was thinking of since these lines are drawn, is it posible to make a grid out of vectors so they render faster and better in the viewport ? I'm gonna re-write that part you gave me in c# for CsGL, could take a while since the documentation is the worst i've ever seen. wish me luck, Galo
  2. Hey there, I'm just starting out though so i could be wrong,... But i wanted to know, if you would like to draw a space-grid (x,y,z) is it true you first have to draw points and then connect them ? I was thinking of programming a loop which has a pointer that start at coordinates 0,0 (x,y) and then moves that every 10 units or so, then connect the points and i should have a grid no ? Please correct me if im wrong i searched on google and this forum but since im working with c# and csgl and everything is still based on OpenGL it's hard to find information! Cheers, Galo
  3. Galo

    Gui design with DX?

    Hmm, but what do people use for there GUI's then, i mean to make em all work on multiple platforms ?
  4. Galo

    Gui design with DX?

    Hmmm, but the thing is, im planning on programming the GUI with directX, and the viewport OpenGL, IMHO this would be an advantage in the feauture. And beceause i wan't to have my own cool looking interface instead of microsoft's boring buttuns and menu's, DirectX could do the job and it would take a lot of weight of the OpenGL's shoulders then if i would program the GUI in OpenGL as well. Then also i considered GDI+, but this only works on WIN2000/XP, and maybe in the near feauture i want to run my application on a different platform, as MacOS or Linux. But i also haven't found out wheter DirectX workx on other platforms, it still is MS. Does it ?
  5. Galo

    [.net] c# and GDI+

    Sorry im just starting with C#, Can you explain me what Mono is please ?
  6. Hey guys, Can anyone tell me if when i use the GDI+ library in c# if this is working on multiple platforms like mac0s, linux and windows ? thanks, Galo
  7. Hey there, maybe a Noob quest but... I was wondernig, is it posible to have GUI element designed in directX to implement in a OpenGL-Game or program ? Let's say i have my game window, and on right click i want a dropdown list with neat functions, i design this in DirectX but my gamewindow is OGL, is this posible ? Cheers, Galo
  8. Hey peepalz, The last few weeks i'm trying to get more inside info on 3d apps and how they are constructed and i must say i haven't found much. So i still have a lot of question marks open on my sheet. In comparising with a 3D game, which has a engine, do 3D apps run on an engine as well. I really would like to read more about this, how apps are constructed and how the f.e. viewports work, how you make 3d space with a grid and messurements. I whent to the local bookstore here to find some books about it but i haven't found anything except from Game Engines with DirectX and how to work with OGL, i bought four books about 3d programming but they are all into GameDevelopment and there's nothing about 3D apps f.e. So if anyone has any resource about this, anything is welcome. Cheers, Galo
  9. Galo

    GUI development in C#

    Hey, what i mean is some programs have there own looks, like Softimage and Lightwave f.e., how do they do that ?
  10. Hey there, I was just doing a reasearch on Graphic User Interfaces in C#. I know there is a System.Windows.Forms class that represents all the form elements needed in an aplication, but what if i want to use my own graphics and colours, say f.e. i want my textfields to have rounded borders and to have the background blue, is this posible with the Forms class ? Does anyone has any resource on this, i can't find it anywhere, not even in the MSDN lib! Cheers, Galo
  11. Galo

    System class in C#!

    Thanks for clearing that up boebi, let check MSDN! Cheers, Galo
  12. Hey guys, Just playing around with my new book, at's a Noob course in C#. Here im reading that all classes are defined from the base class defined in the System file. If i would say like Person P1 = new person(); This actualy is gonna be generated from the base class in the System namespace. (correct me if im wrong, im just a noob...) So if i would like to print variable as a string to the screen from another class like : return(BirthDate.ToString("D")); this ToString is actually a method in the base class from System no ? So my question is how can i open this System file to look what other functions and methods are present and handy to use ?!? Thanks, Galo
  13. Galo

    Entry point ?!?

    It's working now, sorry for that.... Main is uppercase :-)
  14. Galo

    Entry point ?!?

    Hey guys, I just started programming in C#, but when i try to compile my program, the compiler tells me error CS5001: Program 'test.exe' does not have an entry point defined. I searched the manual and my books but i can't find anything usefull, what to do with this, and what's up with an entry point, what does it do ? This is the program code! using System; class test{ static void main(){ int eersteGetal = 3; int tweedeGetal = 2; int som = eersteGetal + tweedeGetal; Console.WriteLine("De som van {0} en {1} is : {3}", eersteGetal, tweedeGetal, som); } } Thanks, Galo
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