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  1. Released. Finally

    error in your link. :) erm, also the zip was corrupt I downloaded from SF.net.. *life hates me*
  2. IOTD is broken. So says I. Not anymore.

    looks good =) -chad
  3. Fucking computers.

    Canon in D? Yes, I loved it. :)
  4. Fucking computers.

    that sucks man :/ I need to build a new machine, but I've been putting it off. I get reimbursed for computer upgrades, but I've been too lazy to do it and now I'm really wishing I'd just hurry up and do it. Oh ya get a Mac.. then burn it in front of a fanboy and make them cry. I work with a guy who I swear would cry if he saw a Mac on fire.. hmm... *ideas*!
  5. I am an internet hate machine.

    WTF, did you just blow up my "FREE CANDY" van!?! it's on fire, thanks a lot..
  6. Editorial

    Legion! Legion!
  7. Windows + GRUB without Linux?

    Yes, check out this link
  8. Vista Ultimate Doom Nukem Platnium Game of the Yea

    Quote:Original post by Tape_Worm Quote:Original post by catlettc *hugs M$* Oh Chad, are you still using "M$"? That's so 1996... Heh.. I live in the past apparently! Vista compatibility is something we dread at work. :/
  9. Vista Ultimate Doom Nukem Platnium Game of the Yea

    *hugs M$*
  10. Vacation

    *pulse check, good* *blood check, oh jesus all the alcohol*
  11. No, I don't do requests.

    It looks like you ripped code from someone. Nothing about a Tape_Worm is nice. =) keep it up, release stuff soon!
  12. Demo

    ssssssssuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee I bet it was never for download. =)
  13. Old stuff

    Legion!? =)
  14. random integers

    You can use the rand function. common usage: int RandomNumber; RandomNumber = rand(); You might wish to "randomize" the randomizer. For this you need to 'seed' the randomizer. common method: srand((unsigned)time(NULL)); rand/srand - include stdlib.h time - include time.h HTH Chad
  15. problem loading .dat data

    Where are you declaring data?
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