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  1. d000hg, If you do it the way rick suggested, you need a script called Formmail. You can download it here: http://www.scriptarchive.com/formmail.html It will email the contents of a completed form to you, but it needs to be running on a server. Andy
  2. aleclair

    First Game & Site

    A few things... 1) I agree with Torus, less contrast between the text and the background will make your content much more readable. 2) It will look a lot better if you put some padding in your colored content panels. The text shouldn't be right up against the border like that. 3) Generally it is considered good practice in web design to put all your styles in a separate document rather than in the code like you have them. It makes it much easier to update in the long run, trust me. Andy
  3. The colors in the images you use to create the corners on each image panel do not match the green of the content panel, or the grey of the site's background. The site will look cleaner if you fix that. Andy
  4. aleclair

    How many push-ups can you do?

    Quote:Original post by Max_Payne Quote:Also, why do you have an underhand rather than overhand grip? Just wondering. Because I can do both. Is there a particular reason to choose one over the other? I believe the underhand grip targets your biceps more than the overhand.
  5. aleclair

    Single button music game

    I had a very similar idea to this a while ago, only with taiko drums. Instead of just slowly building up a song, I envisioned that you would get all four or five drums going, and then loop around to the first one, and change its pattern. So, you could have a constantly evolving piece of drum music with different simple drum patterns interacting in complex ways. Kind of like "drum machine" on tokyoplastic.com.
  6. aleclair

    Desperately Seeking a Book Title

    We got it! McCloud the book title you suggested helped a lot. It wasn't "How to Eat Fried Worms", but when I searched for that title and the word "swindle" I found on a list of classic children's books from that era, this description of a book: Although dumfounded by pretty Polly Reagan, thirteen-year-old Tom Fitzgerald’s great brain is still trying to figure out ways to swindle the kids of Adenville. That sounded really close, so my roommate and I searched Amazon for "Great Brain". As soon as we saw the list of titles and covers, we knew we had found the book. Turns out there is an entire Great Brain series written by John D. Fitzgerald in the 60's, and it's definitely the books we remember. They are set in turn of the century Mormon Utah and tell the story of J.D. and his older brother Tom, who is constantly inventing schemes to swindle his friends from their most precious possessions. Thanks everyone for your help, and now we (and Ainokea) don't have to wonder anymore. Andy
  7. Hey Everyone, My college roommate and I were reminiscing about our childhoods, and we both half-recalled a book that we fondly remember reading in around the 3rd to 4th grade. Unfortunately, we can't remember the title. Here is what we remember. This chapter book centered around two 10-12 year old characters: an older, smarter, wilier boy who was always "swindling" (these are the words the author used and central to both of our memories) the younger, more innocent boy who was also the narrator, and knew frustratedly that he was being swindled. The story took place in America some years ago; the characters were "country boys", we think. I also vaguely remember one of them using the catch phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is." I know that's not much to go on, but its all we can remember of this book that we both distinctly remember reading and enjoying. Its driving us nuts not being able to remember more or the title. Let us know if any of this rings a bell. Cheers, Andy
  8. aleclair

    Dreaded SAT's

    I got a 1560 on mine about a year ago. Don't take the test cold! Buy a couple of prep books and take at least one practice test every week. Time yourself and do it at your desk like you will have to when you actually take the test. May sound like too much, but it really isn't. A good score can come in very handy, and is definitely worth the extra work. I got my score up 200 points and got accepted into an Ivy League school. Just my two cents. Andy
  9. aleclair

    [web] Is it really possible

    One tried and true method is to choose one or two websites that have designs you like, and borrow elements and layouts from those. You don't have to make an exact copy, but you'd be surprised how much looking at the details of a few reference sites can improve your own site's design. Andy
  10. aleclair

    [UPDATED] Yet another site...

    Quote:Original post by liquidAir @aleclair I don't think anyone would need to change their resolution to view the page, except they're viewing it at 640x480 (rare). That's my point. If no one is going to do anything with that information, why bother putting it there? ;-) Andy
  11. aleclair

    what do you think about this site?

    Our government is able to keep huge amounts of information classified. As they periodically declassify things, there is stuff that no one had any clue about. We're supposed to believe that some site whose author can't even spell Osama bin Laden correctly, effortlessly saw through the government's conspiracy. Doesn't sound too plausible to me. I'm pretty sure that if the government wanted to do something like this secretly, they could. I remember seeing a documentary about a gigantic, custom ship that the government built and sent out into the ocean to try to lift a Soviet sub up off the sea floor. They had an elaborate cover story, and no one ever realized what was going on. (Or if they did, they said nothing.) The documentary was made years afterward, when the government finally released the information. Andy
  12. aleclair

    [UPDATED] Yet another site...

    Nice job. You've done quite a good job on this. I do have a few recommendations though. Definitely improve your title bar. Often, sites incorporate an image into their title bar, a lot of times fading it into the background to provide texture. I'm sure if you hunt around Stock.Xchng, you could find an image that would work. Also, those "Brainbench Certs" really don't look good with the rest of the design. They are so bright that they stand out way too much. If you really wanted to advertise your certifications, I think you should put some text that says, "I am Brainbech certified in: XHTML, CSS," etc. Another nitpick, but please don't ever put, "Site best viewed at a resolution of 800x600 or higher." Please. No visitor is going to change their monitor resolution just to visit your site. Now, regarding your navigation. Personally, I'd make it a bit larger, as right now it has the same prominence as your link to Google. Even though it was labelled, "Navigation", it took me a minute to realize how to move around the site. I'd make the text size larger, and perhaps clearly delineate the links as navigation buttons, so you don't need to label them as such. Other than that, really great job. Keep up the good work. Andy
  13. You'll find some excellent articles about this issue here. They describe ways of doing exactly what you want to do. Andy
  14. aleclair

    [web] CSS debugging tips?

    Sorry, again. The article of which I was talking is here. Very useful. This should help a lot evolutional. Judging by your source, you're not using a doctype at all. Andy
  15. Nice job on these, aftermath. The urban style looks basically the same as the one you showed us before. I like it a lot, its got a great, clean, elegant style. However, the navigation still looks a little off to me. If you're happy with it, though, I'd say just go with it. Maybe its just me. Also, I think the drop shadow down from the title header on the night rain style is superfluous since you already have drop shadows off the sides of the main content. They seem to interfere with each other a bit. I think the style you used for the shadows on the urban style is much cleaner. Also, a subtle background pattern on the night rain site would tie the two designs together, and I think, be the finishing touch. They both look really excellent. Nice work, aftermath. Andy
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