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  1. CmrDrv

    Application Error (0x0000006)

    ic ic well i wish i could get help instead. im running windows xp sp2. can you give me anyideas on what causes this cause i need the program and this is really delaying my project.
  2. CmrDrv

    Application Error (0x0000006)

    i take it thats bad?
  3. CmrDrv

    Application Error (0x0000006)

    i search the registry for that 908y4q32tn but it found nothing i even tried 908y and found nothing. what did i do wrong?
  4. CmrDrv

    Application Error (0x0000006)

    its a 3rd party program that allows led lights to flash on and off through the parrelle port on windows xp
  5. CmrDrv

    Application Error (0x0000006)

    ok update it now says Application error (0xc0000135) please please help
  6. Every time i try to open a setup file no matter what it is i get this error: Application Error (0x0000006) can someone please help me figure out whats wrong. thanks in advance
  7. anyone have any idea what i could use i really need the help
  8. Ok im not sure exactly what i need to know or what i need to have. But ill tell you what i need to do and hopfully you can help me. i want to create a program that i can activate small 12v lights and activate a varity of motors at different power levels and such. what i need to know is what is the best way to accomplish this im pretty confused about what to do.
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