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  1. UpperCamelCase for everything except [member] variables, which get lower_case_underscores. I stopped using Hungarian notation when I got good enough at programming to not have huge multi-page functions/methods - if the variable declaration is right there in front of you and the type pops up when you hover your mouse over it, you don't need to mangle the name. :P Member and global variables still always get m_ and g_ respectively, and static variables get s_ although they're kinda hackish so I try and stay away. ...good god I miss real coding, I've been stuck using ColdFusion for the last six months. *shudder*
  2. fractoid

    Sprites appear thinner when moving

    I don't suppose there's any chance you're using an older LCD screen? Ghosting can cause effects like this while objects are moving, but that seems pretty simplistic so I'd guess you've thought of that. :P Other than that, try the screenshot idea or even just reset your sprite's position every frame (to see if it's a real effect - it should move by one pixel when you press/release your left/right buttons, and shrinkage and growage should show up if they're actually occurring. :)
  3. I'm sure someone will reply with a better answer, but I'd guess at one of two ways to do it. 1) Just use TCP and have a central server. Like WoW does - and as it is wont to do with TCP, the NAT figures it all out for you. 2) Simultaneous connect punchthrough (or something) for when you want players to connect together directly. I've only heard this referred to, but with a name like that I'd guess it uses an introducer service and goes something like: A = player 1 B = player 2 S = central server * A asks S for a connection to B * S tells B to connect to A's external address (B's connection fails, but this adds a NAT entry to B's routing table pointing to A) * S tells A to connect to B's external address * A is now connected to B. Of course, I just made that up, but I bet it works something like that in principle. ;) Oh, and this is my first GD.net post for like three years... welcome back, me! ^^
  4. fractoid

    WTF?! Can someone from Denver confirm this??

    Quote:Original post by kryat DESTORY AND BAN ALL CHILDREN!Yuor teh linky managed to get a popup past IE's popup blocker. [cry]
  5. Also, remember that in this particular case you already had all the info - friend was sick, maybe hadn't talked to you for a couple of days and you were getting worried, probably some other stuff that tied in (been raining? heavy clouds? high humidity? watched the news lately? oh, and you're sick too. any of these will increase anxiety and feelings of impending doom). Your brain just put 2, 3, and a pineapple together and came out with 'don't like this'. I'd say all signs point to 'subconcious'.
  6. fractoid


    Quote:Ramona: Hi, I'm Ramona. What can I call you? User: let's have sex! Ramona: Hi let us have sex. Have any books you would recommend? User: Score! ...no, wait, books? User: I hear the Karma Sutra is good. Ramona: I just finished one called The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Heinlein. Have you read it? User: Get back on track, sweetie... User: Yes, the lunar society likes polyamory! Ramona: I thought it was great. What do you think? User: Awesome! Ramona: It's a cool story. Imagine a computer running everything User: Kinky. Ramona: Ok. Are you free? User: Free for kinky? FOR TEH WIN!!!!! I win at the cyberchix0r! Thoughts in italics.
  7. fractoid

    Robot Combat

    Well, if the rules for 'good play' are not known, maybe this is a good candidate for some kind of machine learning or evolutionary algorithm? Fight bots against each other and see what they come up with? :) As for that robot steering article - I see what you mean about it being more for animation than physics-based pathfinding. Flying a spaceship using thrusters is gonna be a bit more tricky... :)
  8. fractoid

    Best geek car for under $20000?

    All the things mentioned so far are normal cars with slightly geeky stereos. :P Your Insight is pretty high on the 'geeky cars' list, but you can go one better (unsure of price though) and get a Prius+. Basically you start with a standard Prius, which beats an Insight anyway, being a strong hybrid (capable of moving solely under electric or fuel power) rather than a weak hybrid (fuel engine must be running at all times while moving). Then you upgrade the battery pack to a high-capacity lithium one and add a smart charger which allows you to plug your car in at night and top up the battery from mains power. Current prototype can go up to 10 miles at 35mph on battery power alone (using no fuel at all). Future vehicles will be able to travel at full speed and 20-50mile range on battery power alone. Once your battery pack is depleted the car switches to normal hybrid operation. In mixed-mode operation (plug-in charge overnight followed by some hybrid driving once the initial charge is depleted) they anticipate better than 100mpg, possibly up to 180mpg.
  9. The Maserati MC12. Now if only I had 1.8 million dollars... *sigh*
  10. fractoid

    Dante's Inferno Test

    'sup, roomies? ....what's that, churchies, am I not virtuous enough for ya? [evil]
  11. fractoid

    Robot Combat

    Look up that article on steering behaviour that everyone seems to suggest for this sort of thing, and then use it to attempt to get behind the player while avoiding walls (or hugging them or whatever). This is assuming that the ships have fixed guns, or at least that they can't shoot backwards. Behind the player will then be safe as long as you can stay there.
  12. fractoid

    FDA: "No sperm from gay men plz"

    Quote:Original post by DakeDesu Just for that post, I am going to atleast try to up your rating.^^ Actually, scarily, the last bit (the 'if you let kids see gay couples they might think its OK to be gay' bit) is a direct quote from a co-worker of mine when I asked him why a particular kid's book should be banned (the book was silent on the whole issue except for one of the characters having two mothers). [oh] Quote:Original post by matt_j Given the female body design, It sounds even less enjoyable then the natural method of intercourse.Emphasis mine. I suspect if it's not enjoyable for all involved, you're doing something wrong. [wow]
  13. fractoid

    FDA: "No sperm from gay men plz"

    Quote:Original post by Feral My, your, his, her sexual orientation has what possible bearing on my chance to be infected with something nasty? Absolutely zero. Big fat nothing. Sexual orientation has NO bearing at all on an individual’s chance to be infected with HIV, etc.No, no, you fool! If you've got gay, you can pass it on so your kids will have gay! In fact you can catch gay from anyone if you're not careful. Also if you're normal don't let anyone with gay go anywhere near your kids, as kids are especially susceptible and might start thinking that it's OK to be gay. ...eh, I tried. :P
  14. fractoid

    The worst error you have ever generated

    Once, back in the bad old days of Windows 95, I wrote a program that had some memory bug (still got the code somewhere but don't think I saved a screenshot) that would lock the computer up hard, to the point where the reset button wouldn't work. On reboot, it gave you a really scary (and iirc Windows 3.1-themed) messagebox telling you that you had to reinstall Windows. :P Luckily after another reboot it stopped panicking and started working normally again... :)
  15. fractoid

    How many people *don't* use FireFox?

    *waves IE flag* gosh I feel lonely... :P I use IE because: * It was preinstalled * It's as fast as anything else (assuming you've upped the maximum-concurrent-connections limit to something similar to what FF/Moz use * All computers I use have dual monitors, and as such I don't have the desktop realestate issues that most people cite when talking about tabs (the reason I've heard most often for switching to FF) * The one or two times I've used FF, I've found tabbed browsing annoying compared with simply having multiple windows open and being able to see them all at once, which is what I do with IE Browser fanboys really annoy me - IE is good for me, I couldn't (NOT 'COULD', god damn that typo/retardation annoys me even more than fanboys) care less what browser anyone else wants to use, if they like it go for it. I hate having someone tell me every 30 minutes that "Firefox has tabs, you really should try it" or "Opera loads faster than IE".
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