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  1. NoMonkey

    First test drive tomorrow

    Awesome to see another Z lover out there! I personally own 94 TT 300ZX which I love and wouldn't trade for the world, but I'm not personally a huge fan of the 350Z ( not to mention I've invested ( err... wasted? ) way to much money updgrading/modding! ). Nonetheless, I hope it all works out for you tomorrow and you get to sport your new ride over the weekend! -John
  2. Well, the boss is taking us all out paintballing today so no work for me! As for progress, I reworked my model system a bit to get ready to begin working with bones and I'm still reading up on skeletal animation as well. Peace outside!
  3. NoMonkey

    Slow Updater

    Well, it seems like forever since I've posted a new journal entry so I thought I should probably get on the ball. I haven't browsed through my journal so I'm not quite sure where I left off but I think it had something to do with me not getting a job. Well, they called me back a few months later and offered me a position which I accepted. I've now been happily working in the industry for about 9 months now! Anyway, enough catching up on the saga of my life, let's get caught up my engine development, shall we? My poor engine. I've neglected it for so long and just recently came back to work on it again. Can you imagine what that must be like. At first you're getting to spend tons of time with me and then all of a sudden, BAM!, I throw you in a folder and turn off the lights. I'm a bastard like that sometimes though, and you or anyone else who wants to spend time with me just has to accept this. So now that my engine and I have made ammends, I decided to treat it to a few upgrades. Recently I've implemented a 3DS loader, Maya loader, Batching system, Resource manager, and did a bit of reconstructive surgery on the design a bit. Overall I'm very happy with how it's turning out although there are definitely times where I come across some older code and just can't help but punch myself in the face because I can't figure out wtf I was thinking when I wrote it. So in turn I spend a lot of time rethinking and reworking bits and pieces of the code; But who doesn't? Next up on my plate is skeletal animation. This will only be for the maya models because that's the only thing my artists use! I'm still doing a lot of reading although everything seems fairly straight forward. Somewhere in there I'm also going to put in a stream manager for my up and coming material manager of awesomeness! Okay, it probably won't be the most spectacular thing in the world, but it will be flexible and hopefully fast. Also, if anyone needs assistance in loading either 3DS or Maya files, please don't hesitate to ask. Figuring out some of this stuff was a bit of a pain so I figure I'll share any knowledge I gained. Neither of them currently load any animation data... yet. Oh, and leave me some comments if you read this. I don't care if it's just to say "Hi." or "You suck at programming." Keep it real, NoMonkey
  4. NoMonkey

    Using "delete" before "new"

    Quote:Original post by Fruny Your advice is good, but the example you used is the one case where it's unneeded. [rolleyes] Whatever you say.
  5. NoMonkey

    Using "delete" before "new"

    But trying to use a null pointer is an error. From reading his initial post, he appears to be unaware of how to check a pointer for validity. My point was that if he always sets the pointer to NULL and checks it's validity, there's shouldn't be a problem.
  6. NoMonkey

    Using "delete" before "new"

    The best way to ensure you won't end up with a read/write error is to always set a pointer to 0 or NULL. Any time a function is recieving a pointer, it should always check it's validity before using it: if( ptr ) delete ptr; You can also come up with a class to encapsulate the original data and count any reference pointing to it. This way you can let the encapsulating class free the pointer when nothing else is using it and you can detect when pointers aren't released. Hope this helps.
  7. NoMonkey

    GDNet Comic: The Game!

    ERROR: "Demo Initialiaztion Failed." This is what I get when I attempt to run it. Windows XP Pro Intel Integrated video (64MB I believe) Intel P4 2.8GHz HT 2GB RAM Good luck!
  8. NoMonkey

    Booty Duty -- Beta Release

    Wow, you leave a guy some constructive criticism and he calls you "a complete dick". I even wished you the best with your game. Thanks for the heads up on what going "gold" means. Don't even believe for a second that I had the sightest thought of your run of the mill game going gold (in sales terms), or even copper for that matter. Honestly I don't see how you think calling me "a complete dick" wouldn't be offensive. Perhaps you're an insecure little prick who needs to be knocked down a few ranks. For the slow people (i.e. you) that was meant to offensive. Good job on reeling in all those beta testers, I'm sure you have tons by now. I'm sure you'll return with some fun little comment, which I won't be around to see as I have better things to do than watch you ridicule yourself further, so good luck with that.
  9. NoMonkey

    Booty Duty -- Beta Release

    I believe your free, potentialy-gold-striking game should be convenient for the end users to download. While your game looks nice, it doesn't look like anything we haven't seen before, which definitely means we won't go out of our way to acquire it. Why not add a bug reporter into the application? This is what many other developers do as they are not difficult to implement. Another option would be to allow people to download the game, and if they wish, register and report any bugs they may find. Either way, keep up the good work!
  10. NoMonkey

    How to determine objects LookAt vector

    Thank you all for the excellent replies. I had no idea it was that easy! Thanks!
  11. If I pass a 4x4 tranformation matrix for a model to a function, how can I extract which direction the object is facing. This is assuming the matrix has already had the desired transformation applied to it. Overall, what I am trying to accomplish is to be able to pass a matrix of a model to this function and it be able to determine which direction to move it so it slides from side to side given any arbitray position. I figure if I can extract the LookAt vector, or perhaps even the Right vector (even better), I would be able to determine what would be left and right to the object. Also, the object's up vector is always the y-axis. Thanks.
  12. NoMonkey

    Development Begins on Heroes

    Welcome to journal land. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  13. NoMonkey

    No Job For YOU!

    Well, unfortunatelly I didn't get the job. They said it was a tough decision, but unfortunatelly the other candidate had more game development experience than I did. Although they did tell me they would definitely be interested in hiring me in the future when another position opens up. I know, they all say that, but he really seemed sincere about it. I guess being narrowed down to the last two candidates isn't too bad although it's still not resume material which bites. In the mean time, I'll just continue to pump my CV out to anyone who will look at it! In other news, I've implemented overlays into my engine. They are very basic at the moment, but will hopefully soon be the foundation to a GUI of sorts. At the moment, I am actually switching from projection to orthoganol mode which is probably a bit of a performance hit. I am going to try disabling the Z buffer and rendering before any camera movement to see if it speeds things up. Right now I'm running at 1635 FPS in full screen and 805 FPS in windowed mode so I don't know how much of a difference it will really make right now, but perhaps in the long run. That's all for now!
  14. NoMonkey

    ## Trick or Treat!

    No Joke man, this is driving me nuts.
  15. NoMonkey

    Long time no see.

    Everyone clap for my monthly post :) I thought it might be a good time to let the sooper people of journal land know what I've been up to lately. First off, I scored an interview with a game company recently. They flew me out to meet the team and go grab a bite to eat. It was a short visit (one night in a sweet bed & breakfast), but an outstanding experience overall. I should know sometime this week whether I got the job or not. As for the engine, I decided against what I previously decided and decided to continue with the 3D-ness. Yes, a lot of decisions were made by me. I implemented an event system for relatively easy communication between the engine and the game. I also stole OGRE's idea for frame listeners. Overall, I am really liking the way things are turning out. Well, that's really it. I know it was brief, but I can only spend so much time updating my journal at work :). Keep it real!
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