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  1. Alura

    I'm never playing an FPS again

    Quote: Oh, and if you want challenges, play UT with the difficulty level set to Godlike Easy on CTF-Face. :p Anyway, I really don't see any reason for center view to exist in these times, and you are overreacting way too much to the comments someone makes, the best way to tell a bastard to stfu, is to keep doing what you are and not caring, they'll eventually get tired. Off-Topic: And I prefer UT99/Q3A to UT2K4 for some weird reason.
  2. Alura

    Worst game companies

    EA - destroying Westwood as we knew it, The Sims. Sierra - Basicly, no HW3. Blizzard - pathetic stuff happening in WoW, such as christian preaching, bannings due to exploring new areas, gm abuse, etc. Surprisingly, Microsoft fits so-so on my Big Book O'Hate.
  3. Alura

    Dell Tech Force!

    As PvPOnline would kindly put it: "Gaaayyyyyyyy...." Anyway, I still prefer the old slogan: "Is it dead? Or is it Dell?"
  4. Alura

    After Longhorn?

    I guess they finally got around starting work in the amazing Windows PITA (Pain In The Ass) Edition. Suposedly, it keeps users from experimenting with their OS by using a buyable hardware part to kick them in the ass. ;)
  5. Alura


    Quote: A C++ compiler for instance converts your C++ code into assembly code......then that code turns into machine code[binary] for the computer to understand. Some of the new compilers (VS.NET 2003 for example) compile C++ directly into machine code, as far as I remember.
  6. Alura

    Do You like optimization ?

    Quote: Can you show me any code ? This test was as useless as useless can be. With or without the initialization or thisVar.vertices the millseconds elapsed was always 2400, which leads me to conclude there is some sort of memory problem. Most likely, the compiler is just taking out this part: Quote: for(i = 0; i < 1000000000; i++) thisVar.vertices++ ; Since the results of that data ain't used for anything, the compiler more than likely just takes that for loop out altogether. Wish I could help the OP but that sounds really weird.
  7. Alura

    Duke Nuken Forever Release Date

    One word: UT2K5 or UT2K6 Ok, they were 3 words. ;)
  8. Managed C++ = wrappers around good ol'c++ made by MS "The whole brief of the assignment is: Should games be developed in Visual C++ with MFC, or is the future to develop in Manged Visual C++ in the .NET framework? In terms of developing highly efficient, optimsed, secure code can Manged C++ .NET really deliver? Or will a game's performance be reduced? What about games like Quake II which have proven that Manged C++ is not all that bad and has many advantages during development?" Managed C++ came around 2/3 years ago, Quake2 came around 6/7 years ago. Basicly, Managed C++ isn't used in Quake2 and I have yet to hear about a game using it. It's prolly not as fast as raw C++, it seems a lot clunkier and I seriously hope it isn't the future, otherwise we'll have the most screwed up future ever. So in short and personally, Managed C++ is bad, few people use it for real stuff and it's uglier than... something really ugly. And don't get me started with MFC... Also, no offence but I recommend googling a bit for "Managed C++" to understand what it is.
  9. Well, it might sell well for the console, but I doubt it did sell that well for PC. I never liked Halo, specially the PC version, which had slowdowns on my comp and for the comp it required, it didn't seem to have any "glorious" graphics and the gameplay was awesomely boring, I could have had more fun in watching a race between a snail and a turtle than by playing Halo (MP was a bit better tough). Quote: Console developers can't impress us with 3-|) g4aPh1X and 1337 guns as easily as non pc uers. I fail to see the graphics and the guns. :p
  10. It's a nice new technique, but I wouldn't say better than parallax mapping, simply due to it's speed-looks relation, which is quite lower than parallax mapping (ok, it's prettier, but also a lot slower).
  11. Alura

    Shader job?

    I highly doubt that, and since as time passes, most games will implement (imho) a built-in shader "creator", JIT style, as it would be rather easier to maintain and create shaders in a meta-shader language and then convert them to shader code, since this way, you could possibly also go with API independence, it's rather improbable you could get a job doing just shaders, unless you were a shader/math wiz.
  12. Quote: Could it be because I'm using quads?... Highly doubt that, since most recent drivers split quads into triangles anyway. Try increasing the amount of quads per batch, maybe that'll help. And please, stop refering to Windows as Windoze, it has it's good points, just as Unix/Linux. And note, I sugest you to try it on a decent Windows, try 98 or XP, as Millenium should be called Windows with Prettier GFX and crappier Overall.
  13. Alura

    Compiled GLSL shaders

    Quote: Long answer: You can't compile GLSL, because it's done inside the driver and the output will be depend on a specific GPU architecture. So if it would be possible, the compiled code would only run on your GPU. You technically might be able to compile it and get the results through the 3DLabs offline compiler, the problem might be as you referred, it's specifically optimized for the GPU that compiled it.
  14. When it popups, press the X button on it's top right area and in case you want it back: View -> Other Windows -> Task List
  15. Alura

    What game you suggest I make?

    Quote: but im sure theres other old games that i could make spin offs Try your hands at a Transport Tycoon like game. ;) It has AI, it has some gfx, and it absolutely has the fun factor. ;)
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