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  1. actually it does, i'm rather sure that previous moderation actions contributed to the community tone resulting in this action and thread.     even though a moderator could of course deny this and make me look like a sucker!
  2. xoxos

    fite - 2.5d minimalist fps

    as you can see, there's not much visual bling.. game is cpu rendered, probably ~2.5k lines, no sdks or libraries (soz - should have said win32)   part programming exercise, partially produced by happiness that i am able to accomplish at least this much without learning an sdk.. usually under 500 triangles per frame, and runs alright on the laptops i've tried it on.     of course this is "awesome sauce" and no one is going to play, only check out to see what's up -   there are two things you can appreciate from this "in-die project" - the first and least significant is that this was an exercise in minimalism throughout... eg. the AI implementation is absolutely minimal.. it fails on more extreme maps because of the intrinsic terrain response parameterisation.. but for me satisfying because easy and minimal to write, and does the job "well enough" in most circumstances (can range from deadly to silly but doesn't go into moronic). the part you devs may appreciate is the procedural audio -   most sounds are simple minimal implementations - unsigned char "audio synthesis" to produce noisy timbres that are more tonal than white noise, plus simple filters to make the explosions fall off... pretty much all sounds like crap... the footsteps are procedurally synthesized, parameterisation varies from level to level. the model could certainly be improved, as it is once again minimal, but... as a developer, i am very interested in observing the performance of elements than i plan to reuse later. footsteps generate "random" impulses (int math) which agitates an IIR filter, then a 6dB lowpass... super cheeky crud implementations.. the footstep trigger is an exponential contour fed into the mess that affects timbre and gain... these kinds of filters are *never* something a "professional" audio developer would use, because they are very simple and low spec... aamof i have never seen any documentation for these methods, i don't think other audio devs even know they exist.     as you can hear, it does do a fair job of sounding like footsteps if you listen just right... the method can be improved by varying some of the static params (eg. the envelope for all footsteps has the same duration), perhaps duplicating the "grain"/"event" process, as when single procedures are interrupted they produce a discontinuity... i used that to add to the texture but it would sound better with more tucking..     well here it is, you still won't respect me, but maybe i can help you -   [CODE REMOVED AT USER REQUEST]      as you can see, not terribly complicated to understand, ("feil" and "feir" are set to 1 when fcr is set) or to implement, and relatively efficient code.. add a layer or two of events, improve the filtering some and you can nick yourself some procedural feetsteps, gratis.
  3.   will explain in 2nd post in case i'm banned while posting long text :)
  4. and seriously, i was looking forward to participating tomorrow, but instead, i think it would be better if your moderators phantom and jbadams both apologised. you do not need to issue me an infraction if i take the time to explain my perspective.   i am not a professional game developer, i still develop games. if that makes me unwelcome on this site, you need to indicate that, not moderate me whenever i do something expressing nonstandardised method. it's very important that you understand, there's more than one way to do things, and i make every iota of effort to indicate that i am idiosyncratic when divesting methods that aren't conventional. there's nothing there to moderate. go home already. after you apologise.
  5. again i've been accused of trying to start fights one thing i really resent about this site, which really needs to be addressed, is that this is a game development site. it is a site for game development. not commercial game development, game development.   when it comes to comments about the function and distribution of games, many people seem to assume that the only reason people make games is to sell them for money, and therefore the only reason to produce games is to make money.     some people want to make games out of joy.   my aspiration is not to join a team and make money by coding. to me, this is the worst reason in life to do anything. okay? is that okay with you? i'm not trying to make my reasons your reasons, okay? but i want you to tolerate my reasons. if i make a game, but i do not do things using the methods employed by the practice in commerce, my methods are still valid. and that's all i want out of this site really, is to be able to say how i do things if i feel they are helpful to someone, i don't want to argue or defend them, i just want to be able to say the way i do things, without being nuked.       because i'm a person, and i do things, and they work.   when they are not professional standardised methods, i am quite happy to volunteer that i use idiosyncratic, autonomous methods.         if you cannot tolerate persons such as me existant wihtin the field,     you have got serious problems, not i.
  6.   very nice of you to realise that you did inadvertently describe me as a bad programmer.   i've been accused of trying to start fights, i'm primarily an audio dsp coder, and the stalwarts in my field often code the same way i do. these people are not "game designers" who went to college to be part of a team, they are often engineers who do audio dsp on the side, and as an engineer, the important part of any task is GET IT DONE.   that's all.   as an audio dsp coder, i can direct you to *thousands* of documents written in the same style - *because that's how audio dsp generally gets written - "get the job done"*     you know how you read them? WITH EXTREME DIFFICULTY. it's par for the course. audio dsp is a less open field than eg. graphics, but i'm telling you now, this is how many professionals code.   it's true, i have not released any games professionally. but if i were making a game for an iphone, with its simplistic interface, more than say 5000 lines is probably heading into bloat for the scope of a single activity kind of game eg. puzzle. short variable names are enough for one person working on one finite project.   heck i just made a fps "mech game" under 3000 lines, per user image.     these values are entirely a matter of scope and application, and not professionalism or ability.
  7. call me an idiot (i don't mind, "idio-" means "self-" and i certainly see no need to reference others outside of syntax)   but i do have to ask because i was thinking about this earlier in relation to passing this screen - how do you accomplish that in win32?   in console it's easy, but with win32, key presses are processed by windows message, which is key specific.. or can the higher bit in the windows message be checked to see if the message is a key?   i love asking questions like this, because once you demonstrate that you don't know one simple thing, some people assume you don't know any simple things.... and then baby jesus has to cry a lot and probably get banned from the forum.   i'll probably just say, press spacebar to continue.... :p
  8. notice that i posted my opinion instead of rating your post down. the mistake so many people make that is the REASON I POST OPINION CONTRARY TO POPULAR is that many people seem to feel that there is only ONE envaluation in productivity, the "apparent commercial standard". YES it is necessary to standardise when working on a team, but this is not everyone's objective. if someone wants to get hired straight out of school, then kowtow. if on the other hand someone engages in a rich and varied set of activities during their adult/professional life, more "localised" methods are more appropriate, with a lower need for standardisation and readability. the point you should understand is that short variable names are not a function of skill or duration of experience, it is a function of not being part of a standardised procedure.   if you think someone who is used to conventions established with c is a bad or inexperienced programmer, you're "self-inflated" and "other depreciating". the reason why you find it "ironic" is because you need to feel as if you have outwirtted me, instead of simply acknowledging that the methods of others may also be entirely valid. if i'm writing a game, it's likely to be under 2000 lines total. for the scope of such a project, there is absolutely no need for it.   and, so you know, i don't have time to type out superfluous appellations,but i have all the time in the world to explain myself and encourage you to be less depreciative toward others. i am not bad, nor am i new. it's that simple. i am not bad, nor am i new. and, i do not use long variable names. and that is really all that needs to be said, or considered. now go ahead and nuke me for asserting that you shouldn't depreciate this expression.
  9. forgive my unusual perspective, accept it for what insight it may offer: what makes fighting games appealing = girls. the popularity of "streetfighter" was based on a female character with "provocative" panty revealing high kicks that allowed females a chance to play a gender pertinent role with prospective/hopeful males.   i think like most games the abstraction of reality to the form is significant enough that the dynamics "belong to themself" more than accurately reflecting brawls. it would be nice if people who were eg. martial artists primarily were into game design, it's happening slowly. while the sights and sounds may remind players of fights, the skill sets only overlap in the most fundamental human domains eg. hand-eye reaction.     in my opinion, "what makes games fun" is very simple - provide a venue for the basic dramas of event. that's all.   whether you're balancing dominos, or punching a shark on the nose, it's the same fundamental drama of risk. i think the key to *good* game design is facilitating a venue for the intended frequency of drama, eg. "asteroids" is extremely high paced and would tire you out if you played it for as long as "skyrim" is meant to be played.
  10. the longest program i've written was 50k lines   programming style... i much prefer single character variables whenever possible, usually make it to 2 and 3 character variable names after a few thousand lines. i consider my code to be concise and readable. other people hate it.   i do occasionally use a long variable name if it is only going to be used once or twice for an obscure function, but the meat and potatoes is all single or double character names.     never let anyone rate you. you'll see that people have so many ways to write code that aspiring for a unified convention is best done if you source from your own individual preferences.   and there are still some grown-ups in the world who think it's alright if you have those.     people may slag my unabashed advocacy of doing things the way that makes the most sense to you, but they're probably not typing by hanging over the end of a bed because they can't bend their legs. i've been typing on computer keyboards since 1981 and i've got no time to type out longvariablenameseventeen all day.
  11. xoxos

    Heightfield Interpolation

    i dunno the sdk but post a pic of the interp.. "one up" is s-curve, aka "cosine" d = d * d * (3 - d - d); bicubic is where one may start to have difficulty determining alignment of axes. as far as i know :) i doubt it's used tho, 2nd order not fast.
  12. "more of the same" ("sore of the maim" heheh) can be spiced up by other variables, eg. a level where some factor influences the basic activities. i kinda consider that boredom is an inevitability, so working to preserve the criteria that make that exercise fun (eg. running round and shooting risky things) while varying other things (level is on a slope) for the length of the campaign.   i also like to give two new things to deal with at a time, so it's not just "oh, tougher to damage" but another factor "really bright sky" or something that makes dealing with both a constant exercise in envaluation and determination/using player skills.
  13. fwiw, i'm a musician/tech. issue arisen many times. you'd think: musicians are socially relevant, so social issues are relevant to music. it you look at the mileu, you realise: there are many interests present. not all of them are genuinely human - some "social interests" with public representation are the result of agendas.   whether the agenda is overt or covert or anything else, designing the rules based on "people just being people" won't work, because people are often representing agendas, not people.         my advice "for young lions" is forget about it. it just sh*ts (oops) things up and makes moderators petulant. if you wish to champion social causes, egalitarianism, tolerance, do it with your content. reserve the boards for technical discussion only.   basically, because you're wasting your energy. there's more to what is apparent than "a bunch of people who just feel differently than you do on a forum", there are agendas.   society isn't great, there are wrong things that don't get fixed, no matter how many champions, and there are things that are occluded. better to listen and learn from what isn't said than waste all your time and energy confronting something you have a very incomplete understanding of. there's a reason why predominant opinions are often insensate, and a reason why addressing them with reason and rhetoric is a total waste of your energy. it's not a reason i like, but if you can learn from what i've spent my last twenty years doing, forget about authority. let it be its own undoing, and hope it doesn't make life any more intolerable itm.
  14. xoxos

    Question about Projectile Motion

    the above methods seem overly involved to me. not to discount them, they may be more efficient or more accurate - i use a simple approach, which is of course suited for my simple implementation - projectiles have a frame rate "direction" vector and a per-frame "gravity incurrence". i solve this as follows: 1) determine distance to target in frames   2) determine the "gravity incurrence" for this many frames 3) aim that far above the target step 2 may take a pow operation depending on how gravity is implemented, but generally this method requires a few simple operations.   (and of course should be improved, eg. aiming at where the target will be when the projectile gets there.. implementation can become more involved if you add "is target visible in starting position, is target visible in ending position" various stuff).
  15. wings3d. free, minimal, simple to use.
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