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  1. mannam

    Capturing fullscreen event

    I've used njpaul's suggestion. Thanks! And thanks to all who paid attention to this thread.
  2. mannam

    Capturing fullscreen event

    Thanks for replaying. I've tried this message. But windows does not generate this message after calling IDirect3DDevice9::Reset...
  3. Hello everybody, I use the IDirect3DDevice9::Reset function when I want to switch my program to fullscreen mode. Switching to fullscreen usually results in screen resolution change. So I want my program to be notified, so that it can handle the changes. Does anyone know how to capture this event from window messages? Thanks.
  4. I'm sorry my question was not clear. I just want to know if there are any differences between the algorithm of perspective and orthogonal projective texture. e.g. Do they use the same texture transform and texture matrix?
  5. Hello everybody, My projective texture works fine in perspective mode but not in orthogonal mode...The resulting texture is only 1/4 in size and is projected to the upper-left corner of the projection plane. I'm not good at maths and hope that someone can help. Thanks.
  6. According to nvidia's article, http://developer.nvidia.com/attach/6811 It is possible to use shadow mapping with directx7 texture stage states. Do anybody know how? Thanks.
  7. mannam

    Lighting problem

    I fixed it by implementing the light equation myself. Thanks!
  8. Hi, It seems that the spot light range and size in fixed pipeline is different from that in programmable pipeline. Does anybody know how to corret it? Thanks. Man
  9. Is the model a closed box or just 6 separated planes?
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know how to check the hardware capability of vertex declaration? e.g. how to check whether the hardware suppot D3DDECLUSAGE_BINORMAL? Thanks.
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