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    Direct Input : Action Map Pb

    I just have one mapping table and the 'P' key is not assigned ! I have a question. Why when i use the configuredevice function and assign the 'p' key to the 'fire' action it works, but the the diaction structure doesn't contains the new mapping with the 'p' key , it already contains the mapping with the old key ?
  2. jhuelin

    Direct Input : Action Map Pb

    ok this is a piece a code: UnacquireDevices(); HRESULT hr; hr = pdidDevice->BuildActionMap( &diaf, mStrUserName, 0 ); if( FAILED(hr) )return hr; for (int i = 0 ; i < NB_ACTIONMAPS ; ++i) { if (diaf.rgoAction.uAppData == INPUT_FIRE ) // for the fire action { diaf.rgoAction.dwSemantic = DIKEYBOARD_P; // key P break; } } hr = pdidDevice->SetActionMap( &diaf, mStrUserName, DIDSAM_FORCESAVE ); if( FAILED(hr) ) return hr; what's wrong ?
  3. hello, I've made an application with direct input actionmaps. All is working fine. But now i want to be able to change the mapping with my own interface and not the with direct input interface (with the configuredevice function). i want to change the action 'fire' from key 'O' to key 'P' I've tried many things like that : unacquire all devices buildactionmap change the DIACTIONFORMAT structure and setactionmap and after that O and P doesn't response (but the others yes!)! how can i do that ???
  4. jhuelin

    shadow volumes artefacts

    i've found what i'm doing wrong ! i add too much faces in my shadow volume. and it's the intersection of theses faces which makes artifacts in my shadow !! sorry.....
  5. hello, i've a problem with shadow volumes. My algoritm seems to be fine, the shadows displayed are ok, but i can see some artefacts in the shadows depending on the position of the camera. Theses artefacts (hole in the shadow) represents some edges of my shadow volume. I have tested it on a simple box and i can see some edges in the shadow. I'm just building my shadow volume and drawing it with DrawPrimitiveUP. What i'm doing wrong ? john
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