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    College-level coding competitions?

    I just found out that my University founded a chapter over 30 years ago :). Unfortunately, it seems to be little more than a few workshops. They made no mention of regionals on their site which is a real shame.
  2. uber_n00b

    College-level coding competitions?

    Thank you for your reply. I am reading through the website now but I am concerned that it may be too late in the year to start a chapter up. Am I right in this assumption?
  3. I figure this is as good a resource as any to ask if there are any competitions currently for college-age students. I'm a regular at topcoder.com and do so-so (about a 1200 score, better than most still not good) but I'm looking for something I can participate in through my university. I go to a public school that's not really into CS but they are really good about funding new organizations so does anyone know of any good ones? I know there's something called ACM but my region's competition is today so I guess I missed that one. Any link would be great.
  4. uber_n00b

    school fights

    I used to get in dumb fights occasionally. I'm pretty good friends with all of them now as I'm not one to hold a grudge even against dicks. I've found if you have a problem with someone if you can get them to arm-wrestle you and you do well then you might as well call it even.
  5. uber_n00b

    Calculus Tutorial

    I would not recommend looking at mathworld.wolfram.com simply because that site shows every single integral form known to mankind, and it is discouraging to look at to the calculus novice. I think you're better off bumming a book off someone or going down to your local used bookstore: I got my first calculus book for something like 8 bucks about 5 years ago.
  6. uber_n00b

    steam power

    I didn't actually read through the posts beyond the first two, but perhaps this link may be useful in answering the question posed: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/ncar.htm That prototype car purportedly uses enriched Uranium 235 to heat water that then turns into steam and pushes a turbine and generates power. Read on for more specific information, but I found it interesting.
  7. uber_n00b


    o.O rephrase.
  8. uber_n00b

    Calculating tangent of a point on sine curve.

    Have you checked out NeHe's vertex shader tutorial? That could be very easily modded to serve your purposes as well.
  9. It doesn't take a genius to self-study through those subjects, especially calculus, but I'd still take a class because I know I still learned things by taking a class (although I would have opted out of it given a choice) although Linear Algebra I feel is a little more abstruse. I'm also taking a class for that when I enter college next year so don't think you're hot stuff and try to learn it ENTIRELY on your own :). EDIT: Although a lot of the courses are incomplete and there's a lack of lecture notes for Linear Algebra, check out http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html . I used OpenCourseware to study logic a few summers back and it helped immensely.
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