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  1. Hey guys,   I'm new to the boards and I want to make sure I'm posting in the right area. I am working on a Ouya game that is already in development. I am looking for an artists and a writer. As payment I will be offering a percentage of profits.   What forum should I post in? Do i need a post for each position? What else should I know?   Thank you for your help.   JC grenadetree.com
  2. jcsantiago

    Looking for a sample Gantt Chart

    Thanks Orymus3. I am also looking for other bits of real world information. Such as how long teams take to create a game, their real world process, how long they spend in each phase etc.
  3. jcsantiago

    Looking for a sample Gantt Chart

    Ok excellent advice. Then I would like an actual development schedule.
  4. jcsantiago

    Looking for a sample Gantt Chart

        I'm not sure if that a real question or if your trolling.   However if it is areal question, the reason I am looking for a real working gantt chart. You can not work with an image. Also have a real gantt chart will tell me in detail how long people spend in different stages of development.
  5. Hi Guys,   I've been out of game development for some time now and I'm looking to get back in. I wanted to start by refreshing my memory on project management.    I'm a real hands on kind of person so the best way for me to refresh would be to get a hold  a sample Gantt Chart from a real project. It doesn't have be a large project, something as small as a flash game would due.   Does anyone know where I could find one or is anyone willing to share one with me? I am willing to sign an NDA if necessary.   Thank you for your help.   Regards,   JC
  6. jcsantiago

    Where is a good place to post projects

    I am looking for a list of sites that i can use to find a studio.
  7. I used to post projects on gamasutra for free, but now they only have paid listings. Do anyone know of a good place to post for a project? I know this site will allow you to post for a position, but I am looking to find a development studio not just individuals.
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