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  1. Obama is Jewish?

    Quote:Original post by ChaosEngine Quote:Original post by Marmin It Is offensive to hurt people's feelings toward their religion. It is very offensive to make speculations towards Obama's background. Because he stated that he did not want to be religion to be a factor in the election. We had our 'Wilders' case , that guy had to make a movie about Islam. Now he is sued, he needs body guards 24/7, and I can understand why. Respect is crucial. I'm not sure I understand you. Are you actually saying that someone shouldn't make a critical movie/cartoon/statement about a religion in case some nut jobs decide to kill him over it? Are you serious? This reminds me of the Danish cartoon fiasco.
  2. I see no reason to pay for my music, ever

    Next thing you know they'll be taxing USB memory sticks :) I must say though, I haven't burned a CD in years...
  3. Awesome deaf superbowl commercial!

    I thought it was a funny Commercial. Forgive my ignorance, but are deaf people permitted to drive?
  4. Simple 3D project with headtracking?

    Here is soemthing a guy did with his Wii remote.. is this what you mean? Head Tracking
  5. convert int into const char *

    A little odd, but why has no-one yet mentioned itoa()? personally I use _itot(...). _itoa, _i64toa, _ui64toa, _itow, _i64tow, _ui64tow (CRT)
  6. Post pics of your significant other

    Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper Please, please someone post the head-bobbing animated gif of this picture!!
  7. Halo 3 or Guitar Hero 3?

    I love GH2, but I'd probably go for Halo 3, just because I haven't played any FPS's in a while. Imagine this thread title was "KOTOR3 or Mass Effect" though? god I wish this...
  8. alternatives to 'said'

    "It was an Accident!" Bob ejaculated.
  9. please anyonr explain it to me WHY??!!

    Quote:Original post by mikeman Fools, the problem is obviously a fork. Fork?! Frumpish! For forgetting facilitating foundation functions, F@ke fainted first. F@ke fuels forum fulgid friggin far. fart.
  10. The ugly girl at the party

    Quote:Original post by skittleo Quote:Original post by Dragoro Heh newbies. That "ugly girl at the party" most times turns out to be the best in bed. I'll never know. That's not a theory I want to test (and remember testing). [smile] Ya, well with my luck that "girl" would actually end up being a guy!
  11. no Happy PI day today???!?!?

    PI is exactly 3! Take THAT gamedev community!
  12. Inventions Hardware???

    Where did you go to school? Where is your area of expertise on a personal level? Hey Ottawa too! :)
  13. ya... only when I masturbate... We have a great time together!
  14. Youngest?

    Pfft! I'm 31, and an ex-game developer. However I use my gaming experience to write graphics apps...
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