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    Weird problem with BAD POINTER

    First off you do not dereference a pointer when u try to cout it. cout<< *n1; //BAD!! cout<<n1;//good It crashes because the pointer is not pointing to absolutly anything, and cout is not liking it. you ALWAYS and i do mean ALWAYS have to initialize pointers and for that matter all your variables to something. its just good programing practice. As for why the Array doesnt crash well its simple the array already has memory allocated to it, so it has some values in it(even though they are garbage)
  2. I am not entierly sure whats going on, but im guessing its that i am running the program im writting under win2k, but thats a far fetched assumption so I am gona ask see if anyone knows a solution for the problem im having.. My code compiles, runs great up until the moment it is exiting the program. once it hits return on main it has an Access violation right here. ~_Fac_node() { // destroy a facet _DELETE_CRT(_Facptr->_Decref()); } thats in the local0.cpp I have no clue whats causing this. If anyone can help me out id appreciate it. [/source]
  3. list <WorkStation*> pStations; WorkStation *temp = new WorkStation; temp->SetStation(StationData); pStations.push_back(temp); Setstation is a function to fill up all the values in station.. Stationdata is just a char* with the data. For some reason im getting an access violation when trying to push temp into the list. I dont understand why.. any help is welcomed
  4. Jedite

    starting with graphics, need help!

    I would go with DX as well. The SDK is very well designed and you can seriously get going in little or no time.
  5. Well I would suggest not giving each Piece class their own display function. Instead have a separate class which deals with everything that has to do with displaying things on the screen. This would keep everything a bit more separate and make ur code more portable if at some point you want to change to say D3D.. I know that in this code it doesnt seem like much of problem to change those display things but its a suggestion of overall design. Like in a game you dont want the soldier class to handle anything that has to do with Display, Gameplay ect thats the job of the Graphics Engine and the Gameplay Engine...
  6. Jedite

    Moving On

    Well it all depends. For software development i would suggest getting yourself soaked into some .NET framework books, since alot of companies are now going with the .NET approach for their applications. You could also find a book for Data Structures, which helps alot... the possibilities are endless
  7. Jedite

    quick array question

    depends on how you go through it... Mostly i would go y x.... easier for reading.. y x as in int array [y][x];
  8. Jedite

    Tile-based game design problem

    On a tile based game i wrote 2 years ago, the Projectiles were indipendant from the constraints set by the tile engine. This IMO is the best course of action since it will make for less headaches.
  9. Well the naming you use for the program is a bit confusing first off hehehe... I personally would put the enums right after ur #includes.. Then place ur structs then global variables and then function declarations
  10. im sure they can be made with D3D .. so in short im guessing no
  11. Jedite

    were can I learn C/C++?

    place as in a site? or place as in an institute or school?
  12. Jedite

    VC++ .NET 2003

  13. Jedite

    A few questions

    Depends on the extent of your knowledge in programming. There are too many things you could write, compression program, server/client chat app, a MUD, ect ect.. The possibilities are endless but it all depends on how much of a specific programming language u understand
  14. Jedite

    Keystroke detection..

    getasynckeystate would be the function for Win32/C++
  15. Why are u putting everything in the .h file? If you are designing an engine i would suggest to keep the meat of ur functions on a CPP.. Ideally once everything is running well, someone else only needs the function declarations from ur headers to use ur engine.
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