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    Linux on AMD64

    I run the gentoo amd64 distro, and thus far there have been no major problems. I had an issue w/ the flash plugin for firefox IIRC, but I just did a quick search, and that was resolved easily. Other than that... everythings run perfectly! (thus far anyway!)
  2. fraKtal

    [web] Cells and and and Are all pretty decent starting points for learning tableless CSS. EDIT: Made URL's clickies
  3. fraKtal

    [web] One last attempt!

    Yeah, more content would be good! Perhaps (and this is just my opinion) the whole thing should be centered. This way people with really wide monitors don't have to look to the left constantly... but again, that's just my personal opinion.
  4. fraKtal

    [web] Flash mmo?

    Quote:Original post by Justaddwater I started one awhile back Here Used Flash for UI, MySql for Database, and Php for communication. Im in the process of updateing it to using SOAP and c# web services with sql express in the backend. But the game works fine. Although its very small its just a concept game. It is all dynamiclaly created with XML so the 5 screens could easily be 5000 if I had the interest to make it a more in depth game. So my answer is yes it can be done, but the first M in MMO should probably be Mini That's a pretty neet game! You should really polish that up more, and create more content, and that would be an *awsome* game!
  5. fraKtal

    [web] Some Help With Aesthetics I actually think this is the best of them, except for the white background. To me it just seams out of place... maybe to much border, or maybe no tie in to the menu... which leads me also to say that the menu items seem to just float on the background with no container. While not necissarily bad, it's not something I prefer on the pages that I design..
  6. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but do some research on pure css pop-ups. Very powerful if you work with them a bit.
  7. Anyone been working on this? I have some free time tonight.... I think I will see how far I get... :D Expect updates... I hope!
  8. fraKtal


    Quote:Original post by Doc I'm a bit late to the party, but how's this: You got chowned! [wink] I'm probably going to hell for that. wow. I think I like it :D
  9. I don't think I will ever buy an ATI again... so poor support for linux it's ridiculous. Maybe they're nice cards, and can push out just as much, or better, performance that nVidia, but I've had more problems w/ linux+ati than I've ever had w/ linux+nvidia. Windows, no complaints... I use the omega drivers, as they work better w/ the particular hardware setup I have, but really no complaints. Just with linux. I've actually found it the easiest to install the linux ati drivers on the Gentoo distro. But I guess, I'm still a pseudo-newb, and really have not idea what I'm talking about... so I'll just go back to my corner and hide for awhile...
  10. Not a real problem at all (more of a nit-picky thing! so pay me no attention...), but the little box at the bottom w/ the "Website designed and maintained by Colin | Admin" links looks kinda funny (IMO) with the links hovering at the top, while there is a approx 10px space between the text and the bottom of the box. Again, nothing world changing or important, and maybe it's just me... Otherwise looks good!
  11. I recommend looking through some of the sites on the sticky about resources, there's a lot of really good information there! One particular site that helped me figure out css table like layout was Great site for some pretty neat tricks using the current state of implementable css (by that I mean there are different levels of the css standard that have yet to be implemented properly)! is also an excellent site, as ToohrVyk mentioned. It's not the best in terms of advanced usage, but it's really good as reference material and a place to go to learn the basics of a lot of web stuffs. As for using Dreamweaver, or front page, or some other editor of their ilk, I do not use them at all, nor do I recommend them. IMO, all they provide are an easy path to create mediocre designs, and sub-par markup. That being said, if you work at it, they can provide some really handy time saving features, but to me, it always feels like you have to work to get those features working properly, just the way you want. Again, though, that is just my personal opinion. I typically use some sort of text editor (I've tried a lot!) like jEdit, EditPlus, vim, EMACS, etc, etc...
  12. Quote:Original post by smilybob Sorry, i disagree with the others, i hate the look of the gui and the players look ugly. that's not very helpful... why don't you like it? what could be changed and why? Me personally, I like the looks of the nice static images... but I really would like to see a demo! Can't wait until you get one going!
  13. Some good resources: (just found this one...)
  14. vim? EMACS? :D I would honestly suggest getting a quality text editor, and coding stuff by hand. In my (limited) experience it helps you learn what you are doing better, and it reduces the shear amount of crap found in the script code. It also gives you *way* more power over how your page looks. WYSIWYG editors are good for getting mediocre to poor quality pages out fast, but they are no replacement for hand designing and tweaking, IMO. Text Editors like vim, EMACS, jEdit, Jext, j, pyWord, PHPEdit, EditPlus, Crimson Editor, and Bluefish, just to name a VERY few, may be good choices (depending on what you are doing, and what you like). There are a crap load of quality text editors out there, all with similar, but quite different features. It's up to you to find the right one!
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