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  1. Willm

    Gmail invites

    I ported it to Python! out= file( 'GameDev.txt', 'w' ) for lineno, line in enumerate( file( 'google.txt' ) ): out.write( '<a href="%s">Invite %s</a> ' % ( line, lineno + 1 ) ) Someone else with to much free time ;) Edited for source tags. Supports Python. Nifty!
  2. Willm

    Ping Ball

    Glad you like it! :)
  3. Willm

    Ping Ball

    Hi all, Please try out my game, Ping Ball. Comments, criticism, compliments all welcome. The '' button doesnt appear to be working just now. Please use the 'Alternative download location'. Actualy, here is a direct link.. Download Ping Ball Will McGugan Edited for links
  4. Willm

    QSort and it's function pointers....

    You will need to make the function 'static' to use it in qsort.
  5. Willm

    omgomg aliens!!!

    Quick. Send them a virus before they invade. Heck, just send them IE.
  6. Willm

    The worst pick up lines ive ever heard

    Anyone posted this yet? Guy (not me): Hi there, do you have any Scot in you? Girl: Why, no! Guy (not me): You want some? Works for many other ethenic groups! ;)
  7. Quote:Original post by The Frugal Gourmet Quote:Original post by Willm However, I do drink a lot of 'Iron Bru', which for non-Brits is a soft drink (soda whatever) that tastes like rusty bubble gum. Its made in Scotland. From Girders. They sell it here to in some of those import stores. It's very .. uh... interesting... :) Its a matter of national pride that Coke or Pepsi is the most popular soft drink in every country - except for Scotland! I swear, mothers give it to their kids rather than milk. *hmm* Suddenly realising why we have a reputation for bad teeth. :|
  8. Willm

    SDL Crash on exit

    Have you managed to trap the crash in the debugger? If its crashing on exit, then its most likely in a destructor at the global level.
  9. I prefer Coke, and I would call it a soft drink. However, I do drink a lot of 'Iron Bru', which for non-Brits is a soft drink (soda whatever) that tastes like rusty bubble gum. Its made in Scotland. From Girders.
  10. Willm

    bit shifting fun...

    They are not equivalent! The top one, multplies by 4. ie it shifts left 3 ( multiplies 8 ), then shifts right 1 ( divides by 2 ).
  11. Quote:Original post by Etnu Better yet, download the VC.Net Toolkit and over write the VC6 compiler and linker. In the advanced project properties, simply set the /g7 and /arch: SSE / SSE2 switches. That actualy works?! You can just copy the exes and it will work with the VC6 IDE?
  12. Quote:Original post by DJSnow thank you for the tip, but running on W2K on a NTFS partition prevents me from using dos - or, didn't i get something in your description ? i tried command line console, but then the system is also telling me: "can't find file specified", nearly same message as in windows explorer. any other idea ?! I meant 'command line' ;) If you navigate to the folder then do 'dir /X', it will show you a directory listing with the 8.3 filenames - something like 'file~1.txt'. Just do 'del file~1.txt' and you should be free of it. At least it worked in my case.
  13. You can delete funny files from dos. If you list the directory, you can find the short 8.3 filename which you can use to delete it. My advice is dont use IIS. And dont have anonymous writable folders. If you want anyone to be able to upload files then you can require a login for an 'incoming' folder, but put a readme.txt file with the login details in the public area. That way human beings will be able to easily find out the password, but evil hacker software wont. I went through this all myself. I now use the Filezilla server. Its got a basic interface but it does everything I need, and there are no known exploits..
  14. Assuming you are on a PC, then it is not a good idea to use shorts. Use ints, or chars - they will be faster. The masking is probably not necesary if there is only 8 bits per component. But more importantly, I dont think that will work at all. You are trying to squeeze 24 bits in to 16 without discarding the extra bits. Here's what I use.. Packed= (int)( ( (uint32)Col.R ) >> 3UL ) | (int)( ( (uint32)Col.G & 0xfc ) << 3UL ) | (int)( ( (uint32)Col.B & 0xf8 ) << 8UL ); EDIT: I think I misunderstood the requirements ;) I thought you were trying to pack 3 8-bit colour components in to 16 bit.
  15. Willm

    Type Casting

    Quote:Original post by SpaceDude So anyway, can anybody confirm this? (float)x and float(x) is the same performance-wise? It will save me a lot of time going through my programs fixing it up :) Thanks. (float)x is a cast, float(x) is constructing a float with the value x. Ultimately they do the same thing, and generate the same code. I would use (float)x since it would also work with C, but it is a matter of taste. The static_cast also does the same thing. Some may say it is more 'correct', but frankly it doesn't matter here.
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