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  1. Free 2d/3d art assets '09!

    Hi there, I`m the admin of Reiner`s Tilesets. My webspace has changed. And with that the URL.The link above leads to the subdomain of my ex hoster. And so it becomes invalid in the next days. My new URL is http://www.reinerstilesets.de/ Maybe somebody of the admins can fix the link in the first post so that there is no dead link in the list
  2. Truespace 7.6 FREE

    The TS interface is customizable. When you don't like the icons simply turn them to 1D and they will show the name of the tool instead. You can also customize the hotkeys. And you can modify your toolbars and put your toolbars wherever you want them to have. The speed issue comes partially from running two render softwares at once. Plus the Bridge to connect them. Modeler is the old render software, Workspace the new one. To speed things up you can turn off the bridge. Workspace speed also depends alot at the graphics card because of realtime display. You will surely never be lucky with an old card wih not enough ram. But you can speed up the realtime display by changing the hardware settings down to DX 7.
  3. Truespace 7.6 FREE

    +I also can't find how to import in a file. There is a file open dialog thing at +the top, but it only seems to have truespace files, or image formats. Where is +obj, 3ds, and those regular formats? Not yet integratet into the Workspace. Switch to Modeler. Here import the files in the menu at the top. Or when it's an OBJ, load the LUUV Plugin and import your OBJ file by this plugin (would recommend that way). Then switch to Workspace. To find your way into the GUI i would highly recommend to watch the learning videos at the caligari page. You can also set the Toolbars in the Workspace to 1D. They display text then, which may make some things clearer.
  4. Blender animations vs .x format

    I don't know this much about Blender. But there are various settings when you export to X. Are you sure that you have included to export the animation?
  5. Gamespace UV Mapper Export Bug?

    Heh, I once stumbled across the solution by pure luck. Glad it works in gameSpace too :)
  6. Gamespace UV Mapper Export Bug?

    I had such things happen before in trueSpace too. Which is the big brother of gameSpace. And yes, it is a bug. As a workaround, try to paint it with a blank texture in let's say 1024x1024 pixels size. Then export and have a look if it fits now. It once worked for me in TS.
  7. Hum, modeling is one thing. A final render by night another one. Nobody can talk about details here to give you an advice. No details really visible. It might also be a good idea to post a wireshot. The edgeloop flow is something important when it comes to animation.
  8. Texturing...is it easy to do?

    ROFL ! I want to win a nascar racing. I have no clue about driving though. Is it easy? How is this done exactly? Any help would be appreciated. XD See the point? ;)
  9. Texturing problem

    You should read some tutorials or even the manual to learn UV Mapping. For a this straight slope you may need to unwrap the mesh. Looks like it is simply planar mapped from the top. And because of the angles of your slope some parts are just covered by a few pixels. Which stretches this few pixels across this part. And that doesn't look nice :)
  10. styles of walking and running?

    Hard to find. Maybe this book. Never had it. But heard good things about it. Google will lead you: The Animator's Survival Kit from Richard Williams.
  11. Need Suggestions for 3D Modeler

    Why should Caligari replace your TS2 copy when you can download TS 3 for free? http://forms.caligari.com/forms/ts3all_free.html But keep in mind that TS3 has no bones nor other useful features like SDS or Mirror Modeler. It is stoneold. But has not this much features that you get lost. Good to start with 3D. I would suggest to spend a few bucks to get at least TS 5, 6, or better 6.6 once you get used to the interface. Plus the Polytools Plugins and Motion Studio (alternative Bones System). I cannot recommend current TS 7.1 at the moment though. More an Alpha version than a full version ... For TS being difficult, well, 3D in general IS difficult nowadays. I wouldn't want to start with nowadays generation. Hundrets of tools. No matter which 3D Software you use. You will get lost in all of them first. Different to other render software, TS has a nearly completely button driven interface. Which is confusing in the first moment. But i got quickly used to it those days. And don't want to miss it anymore. This small Buttons makes it possible to place all needed tools accessible in the workspace. No big pulldown menu searching. And after a while you will hotkey most important features too. Which gives me a quick workflow. TS is no high end 3D software though. The decision which software to use is in the end a thing of personal flavour and your purse. Would surely switch to one of the big ones when i would have more money ;) What kept me away from Blender, besides the chaotic GUI, is the fact that it cannot handle N-Gons. Just Tris. No quads makes it hard to model. Edgeloop fun ...
  12. Modeling People

    Not really. I produce small isometric Bitmap sprites in size of 96x96. You wouldn't see anything useful from this thumbnailsized pictures ;) But have a look at yourself. Here a vampire where i have used a Makehuman mesh to go on with modeling: And here a from scratch modeled cook sprite: I would download Makehuman and have a look by yourself. Isn`t that big ;)
  13. Modeling People

    I have used Makehuman for one mesh so far. Has saved me some days to model from scratch. So it isn't completely useless. It was simply faster. But every timesaver also has its price. Makehuman proportions are a bit too realistic for my flavour. And you cannot get completely rid off of this look. It's the same with Poser meshes. You will always notice that it is a Poser Mesh. That's why I prefer to model from scratch, which gives me even more control. Makehuman is also nothing for low poly gamemodels. Too much polys. And there is no Makeanimal. So you better know how to model ;)
  14. Modeling People

    The box modeling way: Modelingtutorial Joan of Arc The cheat way: Makehuman In the end: Whatever gets the job done. Boxmodeling, Poly By Poly, Sculpting, remodeling a Makehuman mesh. etc. . Don't even try to model it in one piece. You will get mad. Split it into body pieces to model. First model a hand, a foot, the torso, ... . And then union the parts together once you are done with the pieces. Important for animations are the edgeloops. Wrong edgeloopflow and your mesh will deform wrong. Important is also the rig. Dependand of your bones system. That's the part which needs experience. Unfortunately no software around that raises your experience. You have to do it the hard way: make them :P Not sure if i would want to model with Blender though. No N-gons means no quads. Gives you surely a hard time because of the edgeloops ...
  15. Best human modeler software?

    Best modeling software is the one in front of the PC with the mouse in its hand. Real Life Brain Version 1.0 :P It takes a pretty while to learn all needed techniques and to get enough skills and experience so that the result looks useful as you have noticed. It is an artistic thing. But it is worth learning it. There is no software to create Animals or Monsters or such stuff around. So at the latest here it would be handy to know how to shape a mesh from scratch. Have a look for human modeling tutorials. There are several good ones around. Also a good idea is to have good reference pictures and model by them. I prefer to model from scratch. Which gives me the best control over the shape and edgeloops. But i can understand that somebody doesn't want to go this route. Shaping humans is a tough thing. I would give Makehuman a try when you don't want to learn human modeling. Even when i am not this happy with the edgeloops of its mesh. http://www.dedalo-3d.com/ Good texturing and clothes and stuff is a completely different chapter though. There is no easy way.