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  1. Using OpenGL on Wintel platform, I'd like to add (better) multiple monitor support... Is it good (better) practice to destroy & re-create my GL window when I am doing any of the following: - switch from windowed to fullscreen (MonitorFromWindow) - switch from fullscreen to window - swith from fullscreen.monitor1 to fullscreen.monitor2 (EnumDisplayMonitors) Destroying the GL window leads to destroying its DC & GLRC, and thus loosing all allocated GL resources... The nehegl basecode does just that: KillGLWindow() / InitGLWindow() for each display dependent change (ToggleFullscreen in that case). I can cope with a DX-like Initialize/Restore/Invalidate/Release resource scheme; but so far things seem to work just fine using the same window/dc/glrc all the way... Any experience appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Jehan

    Game Loop

    Both techniques are pretty much identical and suffer the same flaw: they are either CPU or GPU bound. If your computer takes more time to loop (say 2 ms) than the allocated timestep (say 1 ms), then your game will run at half its designed speed. To address this issue you should consider the time taken to loop, each frame: gameloop() { lasttime = currenttime = gettime() while(true) { currenttime = gettime() delta = currenttime - lasttime // time taken to process previous loop lasttime = currenttime draw( delta) doevents( delta) // may be optional here } }
  3. Jehan

    RPG FPS concept, need feedback

    People who worked on the Diablo franchise left Blizzard North and founded Flagship Studios just to work on such a RPG-FPS mix : Hellgate London.
  4. Reltham, your triangle (2 5 8) is not degenerate unless all 3 vertices are colinear. It works well in 2D space though.
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