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  1. Did you compile in debug or release mode? Tot the best of my knowledge you should only need the framework installed if its compiled in release mode. Althoug I could be wrong.
  2. How hard is it making this type of game?

    You also you need a quotation mark right before the Hello.
  3. Someone tell me what is wrong with this!

    while(Mlist.front() != NULL) { Send() //add a ; }
  4. Well, it was already said your best bet wes ebay. Don't know why you couldn't search on your own, but here you go.
  5. Not shure why this is happening

    In C++ I'm pretty sure structs just work as classes that default to public.
  6. Quote:The original plan was to have specific objects inherit off the basic type objects CollisionObjectEnemy | \/ InheritedEnemyWithSpecializedReactionBehavior But the specialized objects still don't know what they are dealing with when they get to this function: void CollideWith( CollisionObjectPlayerWeapon obj ) { // yeah, but what KIND of player weapon? } make variable inside CollisionObjectPlayerWeapon that tells you what you're dealing with