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  1. deathtrap

    Shenanigans and goings on

    I noticed a problem. I'd be moving horizontally and I'd push the up key to turn into a vertical lane but it wouldn't register and kept going all the way, past multiple vertical lanes, to the edge of the map. However, it did go up when it got to the edge(I had the up key held down the whole time) .
  2. deathtrap

    SQL Server

    Theres also the SQL Server Compact Edition which is more of a rival to SQLite and its use for standalone games as a data store.
  3. deathtrap

    SlimDX Installer Teaser

    What did you use to create it? I haven't had (much) problems creating installers at work and it's been a relatively seamless process, although I've been using external install builders to create them.
  4. deathtrap

    Trash Cans!

    Quote:Original post by MarijnStevens Looks great! Is this game story based or action based :D. You got to have a good reason to punch everyone you see on the street right :) Umm, you need a reason for that? NOBODY TOLD ME!
  5. deathtrap


    Jeez. That is mind boggling. Thanks for the find!
  6. deathtrap


    Aww I just found out about this today. I would have loved to take a stab at it over the weekend. Bah! Bah I say! It's alright though, the awesome-ness would have blown your head off! ;)
  7. deathtrap

    SaveStates and Key Names

    I like the work you're doing. very interesting. How complete is the emu so far? and I'm not sure where to dig this info up, did you write the emulator core?
  8. Bahahahaha. Sounds like you need someone to punch in the face. I think one of those people no the train would make a good choice!
  9. deathtrap

    Three things

    Nice work! :D You have some fun games up there! Please stop making fun games, I need to work! :p
  10. deathtrap

    Pointless task of the decade

    ...ASCII!?! ...What is ASCII? ...Is that something like Unicode? For shame on you! :p
  11. Woah, having them go flying past you with lightning and smoke bellowing out of them sounds really cool!
  12. deathtrap

    New vehicles in-game...

    That's crazy!
  13. deathtrap

    Upcoming content (Like a preview)

    thats a nice drawing. kudos on your skill!
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