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    KookTroop, You think we can get a link to some of the screenchoots or a website about your game. Interested to see what you did. It sounds like your background in somewhat similar to mines regarding your programming experience. Can anyone comment on Martin Wells' book, "J2ME Game Programming" ?
  2. I am somewhat new to Java but I have a strong C++ background. I have an interest in developing for mobile devices. From what I've gathered so far, this means that I need to know J2ME or Brew. From the research I've done I decided to go the way of J2ME. Currently I am reading "J2ME GameProgramming" by Martin Wells. Anyone have any idea of how long it will take to be somewhat efficient in developing for this platform? Also if anyone can give some pros/cons of J2ME vs. Brew. Thanks alot in advance!
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