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    Process of making a game.

    The link of image is broken.
  2. Hello I am opening a new company of development of games with others 3 friends and during our research, some simple doubts had appeared. I want that the people who to answer the questionnaire below know that they will be helping very in the development of our company. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- These questions are very important for us. Name: Company where it works (Games): 1) Which the segment, inside of the area of development of games, you had contact? (i.e. Advergame, Business Games, Middlewares, PC, Console, Cellular, PDAs, etc...) 2) As it functions and which the basic points in one process of production of games? 3) Which the basic tools in a process of development of games? 4) How many people are necessary in the process and which experience technique that the employee must possess? 5) Which the time esteem for the production of the games inside of the segment where participated? 6) Question directed toward the ones that had participated of the segment Advergame or Business Games. We know that this type of games is developed in its great majority in Flash® and Director®, that can be fit in basic 3 question as softwares, therefore, we would like to know if softwares is necessary others to complement the development process (i.e. makes the vectors in the CorelDRAW! and later imports they in the Flash®, or still, it makes the models in 3DsMax and later it imports the models in the Director®, or something it type)? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I thank all the contributions! And I ask for excuses for my horrible English. []s, Evandro Levi levix@terra.com.br Nation: Brazil
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