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    Mongolian War...

    First of all I had a design doc last year but I reformatted since then. Second of all I am in no way the programmer, like I said I'm THE MODELER. Third of all, my friend knows C++ quite well and my other friend is good at concept ideas. Fourth of all, why the HELL would I BUY "Learn C++ in 21 days"? And lastly, I come on with this attitude because everyone who replied to my idea about a year ago said I was a moron (don't even think about it). LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! hahsahdskl blah
  2. WaterMelon34

    Mongolian War...

    I know you all hate my idea now but think about it... if you saw a game called Mongolian War selling in stores near you for 5 dollars wouldn't you just HAVE to get it? Me and two friends would and we don't need you (unless you want to help). I'm a modeler that's extremely bored with all these lame concepts for a game like "Space Ship Heroes" atleast this way we are taking a lame concept and making it actually enjoyable and "people with a sense of humor friendly". Production will start within a month. Ask me about the game if you want but I doubt any of you will because you all think I won't go through with this or this game will suck.>:| I have news for you "peeps", this game will make you cry out "All hail Mongolian War!" Feel ashamed, feel very ashamed.
  3. WaterMelon34

    Getting into the game industry...

    I don't think the soul thing is a problem. I cried when I found out Half-Life 2 was pre-loading lol.
  4. WaterMelon34

    Getting into the game industry...

    Thanks. I'll continue modeling then :) I just hope it's worth it!
  5. WaterMelon34

    Getting into the game industry...

    I just want to experience life. If I have JUST enough money to pay my bills when I grow up wtf could I do? Go to Hawaii every decade? Nah man I wanna do everything I can. And I can with the right amount of money. But other than that, thanks guys.
  6. Hey, I'm 13 and I've been playing games since I was 5. About 3 years ago I got the idea that I could make games for a living. And, after searching around the internet and learning the basics of how to create a game I got interested in C++ but, later I saw someone post a model somewhere and it hit me that I wanted to model. Lately I've been hearing people saying how it's not worth it getting into the game industry because it doesn't pay enough and to get hired by a company that DOES pay you'd need to be extremely talented. That got me thinking if I should be still doing this because I've been modeling for about 6 months and I still can't make anything truly impressive. For those of you who didn't see my work in the MONGOLIAN WAR thread here are the links: http://pictures34.bravehost.com/render4.jpg http://pictures34.bravehost.com/ak1.jpg I know I'll improve within the next year or so but I don't think I can cut it at this pace. Infact, I've been considering going into investment because my brother has made about 20,000 dollars in 4 months from a good program. Sounds good no? But, I also know that if I get good enough at modeling I can also make that kind of money. Even more if the game I'm involved in becomes a hit. I'm kind of confused about what I should do...
  7. WaterMelon34


    I came up with this crazy idea yo! A war game with Mongolians! It's obviously a comedy game, I mean think of running around seeing Mongolians shooting miniguns making them look like they're having seizures and their hair flailing everywhere, also, wearing vietnam style uniforms. There would be this guy called Uzuki Malawa with a peg leg and stubs as hands, he'd be the grenadier. This is just a game to make for fun to put your skills to the test and actually have some fun doing it. I'm not too good with C++ so I would be the modeler. Here's some examples of my work: http://pictures34.bravehost.com/ak1.jpg http://pictures34.bravehost.com/render4.jpg What you think :D!?
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