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  1. Soccerman4

    new pictures of Dave!

    The guy from Inside the Actor's Studio?
  2. Quote:Original post by 23yrold3yrold MineSweeper's cool, but those times you are forced to guess suck. And come up too often. I play FreeCell at work. At home the games are baleeted; too distracting. [razz] Shouldn't it be the other way around? (having games at home and none at work)..
  3. Soccerman4

    your favorite solar system planet

    Quote:Original post by pi_equals_3 Quote:Original post by CodeMunkie "Mine's the sun. Always has been. It's like the king of planets." "But the sun's not a planet, Harry. It's a star." If the moon was made out of spare ribs would you eat it?! Heck, I'd Have seconds.. EDIT: oops CodeMunkie beat me :( [Edited by - Soccerman4 on July 29, 2004 4:42:02 PM]
  4. Soccerman4

    Bestest Monty Python film?

    thou art holy grail.
  5. Soccerman4

    who's your favourite guitarist?

    Dave Matthews
  6. Soccerman4

    Did I miss something?

    Quote:Original post by Programmer One What are you talking about? Everything has been the same since...forever... yea *rubs eyes* I guess you're right...I need to stop playing so much xbox live....
  7. Soccerman4

    Did I miss something?

    It seems this website has done some remodeling...are these the new forums that everyone has been talking about?
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