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    UI advice: use gnome icons on Windows?

    Quote:Original post by C-Junkie Keep them. Why not? Because it would be bad usability-wise? Having an application running under Windows with the looks of another enviroment? Victor.
  2. Hello folks, Err... actually i don't know if this post should go to this forum or the Java one... well, here it is... I'm writing this Java application using the Swing toolkit, and i've got a doubt about a UI thing: I'm developing it under Linux, but i want to be able to run it on Windows too. So i've put some Gnome stock icons on it (like, icons for ok/cancel buttons), to give it a better gnomeish-look... but, do you think i should remove those icons when running it under Windows? Or should i just leave it with the Gnome icons and that's not a problem? (it's a shame Windows has so few stock icons). Thanks, Victor.
  3. -vic-

    The new GTK file selector

    So your only complain is about the type-the-filename thing... come on, it's not that bad, is it? And have you seen the save-dialog? It's pretty neat... i think it's good that Gnome is trying to do some "innovation". Also, i think they're making some changes that you'll probably see on Gnome 2.8 (which will be released soon). Victor.
  4. Quote:Original post by shadow_wraith I actually like that 3 album classes for CD's. I'd pick up crappy versions for bands I don't like too much but still want to support, and since I'd spend a lot for a band I like anyway, get delux or whatever. I don't have a lot of money, but ill spend money to support bands I like. Me too... It'll be a sad day when there aren't discs anymore. I like having all that pile of discs, i enjoy rearranging them now and then, i love CD covers/artwork... Victor.
  5. Quote:Original post by Koroljov So they would sell CDs with 4 songs for $1.50? The pirates can put 12 songs on 1 cd and sell it for $4. That is cheaper than 3 CDs with 4 songs each. If you release the 3 CD's at once, yes. But not if you release one at a time (like some artists do with "singles"), they'll have to wait for the 3 releases to put it all in a single CD. People usually buy the CD when it's a hit, so they're not going to wait for all the 3 CD's to come out before they buy it. Also, many people aren't interested in the whole CD, just that song that is playing on the radio, etc. Victor.
  6. Recently a brazilian musician has thought of a way to reduce pirating of music CDs. It works like this: The CDs, nowadays, usually have 12-14 songs in it. So, according to him, the first thing to do is reduce a lot that number. He says a CD should have at most 4 songs. Instead of releasing 1 CD with 12 songs, you release 3 CD's with 4 songs each. The next thing is the cover - it shouldn't have a cover; the technical info about the recordings would be printed on the disc. Also, the box wouldn't be these "hard-plastic" (don't know how to call it) box, it would be a "soft-plastic", which is cheaper. Making a CD this way, he says it would cost about R$4, which is about US$1.50. He says it would be so cheap that the pirating guys would have a hard time trying to sell CD's cheaper than that. What do you think? Could it work? Victor.
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