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  1. Leffe

    [Roguelike]Determing Initiative?

    I would use timestamps.
  2. I wonder if there's anything like GLSetup nowadays. http://web.archive.org/web/20030407062825/glsetup.com/about.htm
  3. Leffe

    Textures, GLSL, in 2-d

    Quote:gl_FragColor[0] += gl_FragCoord[0] / 100.0; In case you are trying to access the x/r/s component of gl_FragColor and gl_FragCoord, do so like this: gl_FragColor.r += gl_FragCoord.r / 100.0;
  4. Leffe

    find and replace recursively within a directory

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster cat $f |sed 's/old/new/g' > $f Rather use sed -i 's/old/new/g' $f -i for in place.
  5. You could use svnserve and use svn://host/project/trunk/ URIs instead. Or you could run Apache as the primary server and redirect things with mod_proxy, however it works. There's probably something like that for IIS too. Edit: A reverse proxy, eh?
  6. Leffe

    Can gzip open Windows .zip files?

    Quote:Original post by googlyeyes From what I've seen most common linux programs have win32 ports, usually a little googling is all that is needed. I prefer GnuWin32.
  7. Leffe

    What Tools Do You Use?

    1. What OS do you primarily develop in? Windows XP, although I run most on my tools on Linux through PuTTY. 2. What are your main programming tools? Vim, Subversion (TortoiseSVN in Windows), Firefox. 3. Do you use an IDE? Which one? Vim? Screen? Probably not, although you could consider my entire setup an IDE. 4. What tools are absolutely necessary for programming and development? Nothing beyond the basics, an editor and something to compile/run/debug programs with. Edit: And documentation. 5. What tools make it easier? Things that let you do many things at the same time, such as GNU Screen, running PuTTY and Firefox side-by-side, a couple monitors (which I don't have), and so on. Of course, everything that helps... helps. Such as aliasing '..' to 'cd ..' in bash (I switched to zsh where there is an option for this). Reading the manuals for the tools you use a lot, and making use of what you learn, helps. 6. Would you describe your programming environment as being "polished" or would you say it's like the "House Jack Built"? It's alright, could be better if I spent more time tweaking configuration files. 7. If you think your environment is polished, how do you organize your environment? Folders with application links? A batch file that opens all your tools? Something else? Using GNU Screen, I have two windows open which I switch between using ^A^A (I should bind something to it...), one for editing (Vim, which I can in turn split into several windows, 2 usually) and one for compiling/testing. 8. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do to polish my setup? Hm, nah. 9. Are there any problems with your setup? It works, so nothing major. [Edited by - Leffe on September 4, 2005 11:42:17 AM]
  8. Leffe

    Why NerDs? THe Name?

    Quote:Original post by doodle_sketch Quote:Original post by Leffe I call myself a nerd. I call myself a geek. Nerd is generally intended as a derogatory term. Geek is a badge of honour [grin] I see it the other way around :p
  9. Leffe

    Why NerDs? THe Name?

    I call myself a nerd.
  10. Leffe

    file dir question

    Perhaps /usr/include or /usr/lib/gcc-lib? You should really let your package manager handle all of this.
  11. Leffe


    Quote:Original post by baldurk I always thought they responded to the sounds of the rain falling. I think it's the vibrations of the water hitting the ground.
  12. Quote:Leffe:Quote:Original post by benryves MySQL Administrator seems to let you edit table structures, but not the data inside.I can't find any shiny buttons to allow me to insert/update/delete the records inside it. Thanks, anyway. I see... well, you can use Tools->MySQL Command Line Client for that... or Tools->MySQL Query Browser (with it installed) and it'll auto-connect to whatever database you have open in the Administrator! Oh, with the Query Browser installed you can even right-click and choose Edit Table Data in the Adminstrator.
  13. I used MySQL Administratior once, it had a lot of shiny and interesting buttons.
  14. Dan, kicking ass in pink.
  15. Leffe

    [web] Creating an ISP...

    Quote:Original post by Interesting Dave Quote:Original post by igni ferroque Quote:My question is how? Not what I should do to get started in the business. I mean what would one need to do to start connecting to the internet through their own power? You need to get a connection to the Internet from someone. Most ISPs get their connections from one or more major carriers. Are there any physical locations I could infiltrate with a long enough RJ45 lead to plug directly into the internet? ;) A mere RJ45 would not be much fun.
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