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    It's always weird to see pictures of people you've talked to online. I often subconciously build up impressions of what I think people look like, and most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it until later on when I find something out about them. These "impressions" are never based on anything in perticular, and I haven't even been close with one of them yet when I've seen a real picture. I'm pretty sure that when I first started reading posts from you Oluseyi, I imagined a 20 something white female. lol
  2. Nemesis2k2

    VIDEO: Drew Sikora GDC Interview

    Scrap what I said. I prefer the style you used in the girls in games interview.
  3. Nemesis2k2

    VIDEO: Drew Sikora GDC Interview

    First up, good job with the interviews, and your coverage of the event so far. On the style of the video interviews, I was expecting to prefer the version where we hear the questions, but I think I prefer the version with the text for this kind of interview. It breaks up the interview into sections, which I think I actually prefer in this case. If it was more of a technical discussion where one thing is being showcased or discussed all through, I'd prefer it to be kept intact, but for these more general interviews, I think the style with the text works well. It also allows you to rearrange questions later on, cut things, and do things over again, without sudden cutovers like there was in the middle of the interview with Drew.
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