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  1. Made one more step, still need answer will it work ok when it cames to merge projects. Here what ive done: 1. At repo-browser added "branch" directory to CommonLib 2. At branch subdir created another 2 subdires prj_a, prj_b 3. branched commonlib to /branch/prj_a and /branch/prj_b 4. then from repo-browser used checkout at each of subdirs ( prj_a and prj_b ) and pointed it to it's directories where prj_a, prj_b should be. How i expect this to work? When i make changes to commonlib at prj_a and prj_b, i will be able to merge commonlib main branch with this 2 from prj_a and prj_b. Will my solution work as expected?? Thanks for any help
  2. Hi After reading lots of docs, i still have no idea how to do some 'thing' i was able to do with SourceSafe with 2 clicks. Now i need to do it with Subversion. What i alerdy done and where i got stuck: 1. Created repo, where i placed: - CommonLib - PrjA - PrjB * CommonLib has code used by PrjA and PrjB What i want to do is to have separate branches of CommonLib for PrjA and PrjB, but have no idea how to do it :( Every time i checkout PrjA and PrjB from Repo, i can not force subversion to create branch of CommonLib at any of this projects. Thanks for help...
  3. Estor

    delete help

    Quote:Original post by y2jsave if my program crashes at delete p; where p is my class pointer.. then what could be possible reasons for the crash..?? If you have destructor in class i sugest to check it
  4. Happy New Year to You too, let all your dreams came true this year :)
  5. You may find this interesting - Texture Subloading
  6. Sorry had a lot of work, did not even check GameDev last time. Today is my last day of work in this year, so i will be back after new year, if you will not solve your problem till then will do my best to help. Marry Christmas and happy New Year !!!!
  7. There is still one thing that im not sure, when you created new solution with only main in it ( nothing else ) just main that does nothing, did it compile and run on both release and debug ?? Till then i will ask team mate from company how to get out manifest from exe, when he came to work, if he came, it's christmas time, so... it's possible he is at holidays till new year.
  8. Estor

    Explosion animations

    Explogen V2.0 - Explosion Generator
  9. Estor

    Large Game Concept

    Mate here at GameDev you can find General Game Design Directory show all of us mercy and read The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 1: Documentation Guidelines for the Game Concept and Proposal and The Anatomy of a Design Document, Part 2: Documentation Guidelines for the Functional and Technical Specifications
  10. Quote:Original post by Mona777 hey dude, Unfortunately not :O( I tried taking the project bit by bit to a new one but it still didn't work. The thing is I was writing this program with another person who was a computer buff and was teaching me (but I can't contact him)and I'm sure he was doing multi-threading stuff (which seems to be the problem) also I don't understand his part of the program with directSound so I need to understand that to get it working maybe...... Oh my... to be honest i'm out of ideas, i very often take some work to home and vice versa and never had problem with that ( at work VC8 at home VC5 ). Mayby try to compare project settings for release and debug one but one. Still it will not be much help if you dont understand what will happen when you change them. Quote:Original post by Mona777 I will try taking it bit by bit again and hope for the best. Another thing is I've copied the winSxS folder from my laptop and not sure if I should replace the one at work with it!!!! I don't want to have even more problems. If you visit London maybe you can help :O) Dont copy winSxS, it will only make more problems. Hmmmm i'm not planning any "tour" around Europe at this moment [lol] sorry... If it's not comercial project i can take a look at it if you agree to mail it, i realy want to know what's the problem.
  11. Quote:Original post by Mona777 I cleaned and rebuilt the project but nothing :O( you've been so helpful. Thank you Last idea i have at this moment, if project is not too big, make new solution at work, add 1 file with main/winmain, compile it and run, if it will work on both ( release and debug ), just move files to this new solution. Quote:Original post by Mona777 PS. you have to write the word as try not trie :O) Thanks will try to remeber :D
  12. Quote:Original post by Mona777 Hey Estor Thank you, I have the source code with all project/solution files from home. I opened them in the new IDE but as before the release mode works and runs and the debug mode compiles but doesn't run :O(((((( giving me: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Ahhh god damn.... [dead] Did you trie to clean project and rebuild it? Know that sound silly but sometimes it help, till then will trie to find some other idea.... To be honest did not expect taht this will fail again :(
  13. now you have your "play ground" dont you :D Just bring from home your source code with all project/solution files and you can easy build/test/run etc. your code at work machine i think that will solve all your problems with manifest and future problems with modyfing your source.
  14. Quote:Original post by Mona777 ok :O), I found shall I double click on it? What am I doing this for? has it to do with environment variables etc? Yep.. db-click this should run IDE
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