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  1. Loving it! Can't get my gamepad to work... that would just be icing on the cake!
  2. I use HGE and Code::Blocks together without any issues. MikeTacular is correct in how to set it up. It is really very simple. Also if search the HGE forums for code block you will find lots of info.
  3. Unity

    sorry I have not received an email from you. My email is allen AT random-features DOT net
  4. Unity

    Go to the forum index and click on one of the mods names, preferable me. That link will take you to my profile which will allow you to email me. Send me the account name and email address you are trying to register with.
  5. Try this float x, y; hge->Input_GetMousePos(&x,&y); Also HGE users are happy to help out on the HGE Forums :) Edit: Curses beaten to the punch :)
  6. Quote:Original post by JBourrie Does Sony realize that you will be able to buy an XBox360 AND a Wii for the cost of the PS3? I'm sure they do, and it's pure arrogance to think that the majority of people won't. The higher priced PS3 is only $200 dollars more than the higher priced XBox360. Assuming they are just about equal in terms of game performance then you have to look at what else you are getting for that extra $200 and how much it would cost to get those same features on the Xbox360. Two examples of extra stuff would be the HiDef DVD player and wireless network adaptor. I have no idea what the HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox will cost but Xbox360 Wireless Network Adapter is $99.99 according to EBGames. So if the HD-DVD player add-on is more than $100 then the PS3 is the better deal and that’s not even considering the PS3's HDMI output and extra 40GB of storage. As of today not including games I have spent more than $750 on my Xbox360 and I have an ugly ass network cable running up my wall and I still can not watch HiDef movies. From where I am sitting $599 for the PS3 is a hell of a deal.
  7. Check out the Assembly class in the .net framework. The following is VB code but it should easily translate to C#. Note: this will only work with .net DLLs Private Sub LoadAssembly() Dim AssemblyDll As [Assembly] Dim AssemblyType As Type Dim objInstance As Object Dim Parameters As Array Try ' load the dll from its path and file name AssemblyDll = [Assembly].LoadFrom(AssemblyPath) If AssemblyDll Is Nothing Then Throw (New Exception("Failure to load assembly " & AssemblyPath)) End If 'Load the class inside that dll AssemblyType = AssemblyDll.GetType(AssemblyName) objInstance = AssemblyDll.CreateInstance(AssemblyType.FullName, True) If objInstance Is Nothing Then Throw (New Exception("Failure to Create Object " & AssemblyType.FullName)) End If 'Dynamically call the method from dynamically created object AssemblyType.InvokeMember(MethodName, BindingFlags.Default Or BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, Nothing, objInstance, Parameters) InUse = False Catch ex As Exception Throw New Exception(ex.ToString, ex) Finally 'clean up memory AssemblyDll = Nothing objInstance = Nothing AssemblyType = Nothing End Try
  8. if you are ok with C++ then I would go with Ogre otherwise you might want to look at Axiom which is just like Ogre but built in C#
  9. I am currently using delphi but I plan to use C# for my next project...whatever that turn out to be :)
  10. The short answer is yes you will be fine. My notebook is has and AMD 64 3200+ runing WinXP home and everything is happy.
  11. Very Nice! The only problem I had is that the links in the PDF to "Good Place to go" are not clickable or at least I couldn't figure it out.
  12. Quote:Original post by Nicky21 [B]Just a thought[/B]: why don't you have a nice list of 2D engines around here? I saw you have a list of top 10 3D engines, but really, is 2D so out of fashion that it doesn't deserve it's own list????? :))))) Good resource list here And this is the threed that started the list
  13. Quote:Original post by antareus What classes are they? Knowing the names of them will help us better determine if the coupling is unnecessary. I guess you are right. I originally thought it would make things too complex to explain but guess it may be necessary. Class A is my UI. Class B is my game object controller Class C is my multiplayer class The UI is the complex one as different pieces of the UI need to work with many different combinations of all three. In my UI the chat window needs to both send and recieve from the multiplayer class while health and status windows need to get info from the game objects they represent. The player action menus need to send info to both the game object and the multiplayer code and of course the multiplayer codes needs to tell the game objects to do stuff.
  14. Quote:Original post by maximAL btw, i'd recommend this book if you run into problems like this from time to time: http://www.gamedev.net/columns/books/bookdetails.asp?productid=18 ;) I ordered it based on your recommendation and reviews from other GameDev members. Thanks!