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    The Bridge [ WIP ].

    I'd say that's (near) pixel for pixel the Brooklyn Bridge, actually http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooklyn_Bridge (both bridges were designed by the same engineer, so the similarity isn't very surprising ;)
  2. tolaris

    Need ideas for 3 more weapons!

    real life can be good inspiration: http://www.emergency.com/strtgang.htm "(..) involves the use of _M72A2 LAW Anti-tank rockets_ against police stations." "Other weapons, allegedly requested by the gang members, included (..) a quantity of military- grade 5.56mm _M-16 assault rifles_." http://www.wtopnews.com/index.php?nid=25&sid=397392 "_machetes_ are becoming the weapon of choice for northern Virginia gangs." on the other hand you have things that are common enough and easy enough to obtain that they make more sense to be given as option: brass knuckles, or even a broken bottle. On the RPG being 'game breaking' i figure it could be rather easily curbed by making them one-shot -- that makes it just a fancy and very expensive bigger grenade, with better chance to land it where you want it. Hardly that much more useful than regular grenade launcher or vulcan minigun that you already have included?
  3. tolaris

    Descriptions generator

    Quote:Original post by Jotaf The problem with letting the player set all the variables is that he or she won't understand the mechanics that balance the whole thing, or keep it from becoming an insane story. You might as well say you're stinkin' rich and have everything handed to you. Asking the player to work with such intricate dependencies would be a disaster. The roll/re-roll strategy has the advantage of always generating a sane story. There's no requirement of "balance" in human backstory. You might think being stinkin' rich and having everything handed to you is "insane", and Paris Hilton is just going to laugh at such opinion... all way to the bank.
  4. tolaris

    Station screenshots 2

    Quote:Yeah, i might try that. I'm currently using the phong model, with a bit of tweaking. Wouldn't really worry about the lighting model. The appearance of metal is defined mostly by texturing and environment reflections, further enhanced by fresnel effect. I'd say it's mainly the texturing of station that needs some serious work on, especially since it also gives bad impression of scale...
  5. tolaris

    Terrain texturing (continued)

    Aye, by all means please continue ;s
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