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  1. sriniatig

    Bloom effects without HDR?

    I had read an interesting article on the making of shadow of colossus (PS2). They had discussed how they had doen the bloom effect in their game. Here is the link to the article: I hope this helps.
  2. sriniatig

    Fur and Grass rendering

    I had read an article on the making of shadow of colossus (PS2). They had released an interesting article on their fur rendering technique. Here is the link to the article: Hope this helps.
  3. sriniatig

    Game menus

    a lot of games also use FLASH for their menu coding. They usually have a FLASH exporter in place to export all the animations into their engine. And the scripting logic is written in the engine code itself. Some people go ahead and write a simple Flash parser and feed in all the Flash scripting which is directly used in the game. It all depends what the menu system is asking for. But usually everyone has their own way of creating the menu system. There is no definate constant and popular path!
  4. Octtree is the only way to go about doing this. You could have a separate linked list for each node which mentions the render objects. You need to only run a collision test on that particular linked list. Also you can perform a nested loop as its computation will not be very expensive.
  5. thanks everyone for your replies. i got what I needed!
  6. certain mobile handsets support only RGB332 or RGB565 formats. This is the reason why we need to convert them.
  7. I went through the gamedev forums on finding exactly what 565 format means. So 565 format represents each pixel in the following bit order: 565 format: RRRR RGGG GGGB BBBB What I wanted to know is: Suppose an artist is working in an art package like Photoshop. He is working in RGB mode where he works on 32 bit RGBA mode. So there is no loss in color as all the R, G B and A channels are 8 bits each (RGBA 8888). So each color will have the values ranging from 0 to 255. Now this image is converted to 16 bit image. So the conversion happens from 32 bit (RGB 8888) format to 16bit (RGB 565) format. How is this calculation done? How does the color loss happen? How does it select the color value (which color of RED converts from 8 bit to 5 bit)? Thanks in advance.
  8. sriniatig

    multiplayer fighting game

    thanks for the reply. We are doing the exact thing as you'll had suggested. We are still not synchronising between the devices. Maybe our mistake!. Will let you'll know the results very soon.
  9. sriniatig

    multiplayer fighting game

    Thats perfectly fine I think. The problem with Bluetooth transmission on mobile devices is that it supports only single mode of communication. So it can either receive or send at one time. No dual transfer mode is supported. In this case I think we will have to stop button mashing and allow only linear game play. Like faster turn based action. I get a transfer rate of around 40 KBps. But do you think this technique will work for a fighting game?
  10. I'm currently designing a multiplayer component for mobile devices which have Bluetooth functionality. I've read the articles which are posted here at gamedev on multiplayer. I have a few design issues which I've encountered while designing a fighting game. I've managed to setup a base level architecture which involves one server and one client. It is a 2 way communication where both mobile devices send and receive data. I'm currently sending and receiving key events between the two devices. So whatever the user presses on one device, the key press event is sent to the other device and vice versa. All this works fine except for syncronisation. If the player plays slowly then syncronisation is not much of a problem. The problem comes when both players start button mashing which results in synchronisation failure. I would like to have all your suggessions to solve this problem.
  11. sriniatig

    Fighting Game AI

    Firstly you should have a good FSM system in place for your fighting system. You could use one of the free FSM generaters available on the internet. The FSM generater also exports the entire FSM state machine in JAVA/C++ code. Once this system is set, then you must start with your AI part. The AI can be broken into different states , action, style, balance. When the AI is set to action state, it will see to it that the AI is always in attack mode. When the AI is set to style state, it will see to it that the AI is representing the characteristics of the character. So character specific styles can be seen. When the AI is set to balance state, it will see to it that the AI is balances the other two states. This will see to it that the AI is not too aggressive nor too defensive. Also a complete weighting system must also be in place with regards to scoring. One could divide the characters into different parameters like agility, strength, charisma, etc. One could then use this for calculating the hurt scoring mechanism. I hope this helps :-)
  12. Keeping everthing in world co-ordinates will ensure you to control the calculation of the game logic. You could easily convert the world co-ordinates to screen coordinates in this case and then maintain your movement logic.
  13. sriniatig

    Large triangle/ slow fillrate?

    Even I think the problem is with the fill rate. The rasterization process is taking too much time to redraw the particles at a bigger size compared to a smaller size. It makes logical sense when you have a low performance graphics card. The speed of the rasterization process totally depends on your graphics card. By what you are saying, if just increasing the size of the polygon is making an performance drop, then it could be a slow graphics card issue.
  14. sriniatig

    c++ to java conversion tool

    I had also googled this tool searching and found a lot of conversion tools. But I would want to know if any of you'll have used such a tool which support even pointer to java interface conversions. Does any tool support templates?
  15. Hi Can anyone suggest me a good tool to convert C++ code to JAVA code. It should take even pointer conversions. Thanks in advance.
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